What I am loving – June 2014

I thought it was time once again to share what I have been loving this month.


Sky Atlantic have 2 programmes out at the moment they are as different to each other as possible: Penny Dreadful is a scary drama based at the time when Gothic novels were being written.  As a holder of an English degree, studying some of these Gothic novels for my degree I am enjoying this series, a great twist on the classics and it is brilliant. Mr Sloane is a drama based in the 1960’s, it is quaint and gentle.  Moments of comedy and other moments of pathos. Eastenders on BBC is still keeping me on my toes and I have not yet seen a dud episode since they mixed things up at Easter. Lie to Me is on Netflix, I enjoyed this series when it was originally on Sky and all 3 seasons are available.  I wish they would bring this back but I guess the producers didn’t want to make this a stale show.  Sky is also showing 24, this season is based in London.

I have just got into and like Scandal, slowly working through the seasons.


The beauty of Now TV is that I am enjoying more and more films. World War Z and The Conjuring are both scary films in different ways and I finally got round to seeing Man of Steel.  Found The Internship amusing.


I am all about the funky eyeliners this month with my go to liner being  the Santigolden Age double ended limitless liner from Smashbox (see here).  I have the shade Azurite is Never Wrong/El Dorado.  I am also using  the Santigolden Age eye shadow collage in Apocalypse Now (see here).  The orange really makes blue eyes pop.

I am also enjoying changing up my hair, having been given the new GHD’s I am wearing my hear straight and polished  I am also using the wand given for my birthday and creating beach waves and body.


I am loving everything Apple right now.  After owning iPads, iPods and iphones we have decided to splash out on an iMac.  It is mainly thanks to my wonderful husband that this can be achieved.  It took a week for it to be up and running they way I wanted it to but I have never used such a wonderful piece of kit.  Sleek, fast and beautiful to look at.


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