Candle news – June 2014

For the last few months I have been enjoying my Yankee candle Bunny Cake.  This candle was released for Easter 2014 and has a yummy scent of vanilla when lit it smells like baked goods.  I love the scent and bonus I love that it is pink!  I always seem to go large with my candles, preferring the 22oz size over all the others, they do give value for money and will take a long time to burn down.















Although this candle has been out for a few months now, if you have not had a chance to smell it then I suggest you do.  You can also purchase it here.

Yankee have released some other fragrances since Easter:

Americana celebrates Independence Day here.

A range of  ‘man candles’ for Fathers Day here.

And some other new scents here,

I may be interested in the Americana range, after all I do love things American (including my American family).  The Citrus Tango scent sounds lovely and I am sure I will have that burning in the house soon.

What candles are you loving right now?





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