Health update

For those who have followed me on twitter or read some of my older posts you would have know that 2013 was not a good year health wise.  Starting with me having a huge seizure on 2 January as I disembarked from a flight, to suffering badly from anxiety and panic attacks and then having to be on medication.  The seizure had brought to the front the anxiety and panic attacks that I thought I had under control and hidden for ages.  This time last year I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I stopped everything just to focus on getting though day to day, which involved working hard for long days to then coming home and crashing out through the effort.  It was through the support of my husband and close family and friends I began to get better as the year drew to a close.  No more seizures and the aches, numbness and other issues had subsided.

The problem was as 2014 started I was still on medication, something that I did not want to be on long term.  I had the anxiety under control, I was able to go out on my own, go to crowded places and feel better about things.  I had used meditation and visualizations to help through stressful situations and if I was going to a place were it would be too noisy to deal with for a long period of time I would take my iPod and play some music when things got too much.  I wanted to come off the meds.

I had been pushing my doc for me to come off the pills since January, he was cautious, wanting me to take my time to make sure it was right for me to come off them, weaning me off slowing by lowering the dosage at first then reviewing after a month then having me take a pill every other day and reviewing again, then having me take a pill every 3rd day.  He wanted me to check in with him every few weeks as I transferred from one stage to the next and I will always be grateful to him for his time and care.

At the end of May I had my check in with my doc, he looked over his glasses and asked me honestly how I felt.  I gave him an honest answer that I felt fine and had no slip ups I felt that I had things under control.  With that he smiled and said ok there is no need to take anymore pills  The pills I had remaining to be stored and used should there be an urgent need with an urgent call to him.  I was happy with that and felt free.

Like I have said in this post and in previous posts, this health situation has not been fun but it was with the help, love and support of my family and friends plus my own grit and determination to not allow this to beat me that have helped me get through this.

Now I am medication free and free from the other ailments I am planning to get back into the gym.

If you are suffering from any mental ailment be it anxiety, depression or something else I would urge you to talk to someone about it, don’t bottle it up thinking it will just go away as sometimes it wont (believe me I know).  Whether you can speak to a friend, member of the family, doctor or the Samaritans do it, just speak to someone.

I want to thank you for reading this, and if this post has helped someone then I am happy.



2 thoughts on “Health update”

  1. Hi, I have epilepsy. It isn’t something I make much of a deal of but I’ve had it since my early thirties. My medication has kept me fit free for many years so, in truth, I never think about it much. Thing is, before the first fit I was having what I thought were panic attacks. It wasn’t until I started reading up about epilepsy after my diagnosis that I discovered they were actually temporal lobe seizures. Of course yours may be nothing of the sort but I thought I’d just mention it. It might be worth googling the symptoms just to check it out. My epilepsy was mostly down to being way too stressed (divorce, loss of my mother, moving house and a new relationship and unplanned baby in the space of a year). 🙂

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