Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio

I am always switching up how I store and carry my make up.  I normally trial a way for a while and if it does not work or does not suit my changing needs I change the set up.

My set up at home is perfect now, it has been in action for almost a year and I see no need to change it, I may do a post on my home storage but that is not the reason for this post now……

I want to talk about my make up needs when travelling and carrying on a day to day basis.

I did have a MAC make up bag for my day to day needs, but I discovered that although it was a good size, everything was in a muddle and my brushes were becoming beaten up.

I looked around and did my normal research and for the portfolios by Laura Mercier.

I purchased the Petite portfolio.  A hard shelled case with 2 mesh bags attached to the sides of the case by magnets and a double-sided pocketed brush page.  This case also came with a 3-well Custom Compact.







This has been my daily make up bag for the last few months.  In the front mesh bag I have all the essentials that I need to grab quickly, such as lipstick/gloss, powder, nail file and headache pills.  My travel brushes sit nicely on one side of the brush page, there is a flap to protect them with my hairbrush on the other and in the final back pocket I have the extras that I may need should I be called at short notice to be more public facing than I am already, such as blush, bronzer, eye shadow, hair tie and tweezers.  I have also added my 100ml vitamin E facial spritzer inside.   This is the perfect case for day to day and overnight stays and everything placed inside stays protected and safe.  I would recommend buying one but this is no longer on sale anywhere, but you could be lucky via eBay.

But….if the above tickled your fancy then let me tell you that there is a larger sized portfolio for sale and at the time of posting is available at John Lewis.  I have been lucky enough to have this one purchased for me as a wedding anniversary gift.  (I am truly a lucky lady)

Buy Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio Online at









This larger version is perfect for the longer stays away from home, again it is a hard shell and therefore will be able to withstand the trials of travel.  This case has 4 mesh zipped pockets all differing sizes but again held to the sides of the case with magnets.  The front 2 pockets are the same size as the pockets in the petite version allowing you to switch essentials should you need to pack in a rush.  The back 2 pockets consist of a small one perfect for pencils and a larger one, perfect for larger items.  The brush holder in the centre is large enough to take all the brushes you need for your holiday in the front part and on the back a pouch for the other bits and bobs you may need such as cotton wool.  This flap is zippered and therefore can be removed and placed on the dressing table for ease of use.

I think this large portfolio is not bad for the price (currently £58 in John Lewis – here or Space NK for £65 – here) and is a great piece of kit for those who either travel a lot or want to store their day to day make up in a stylish but protective way.


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