That’s Entertainment

Both Mr JAEG and I take our entertainment seriously.  We both love the cinema but we also love staying in curling up and watching a good film or a gripping TV programme after a tough day.

I have had a Netflix account for sometime and I can always find something to watch on there.  I love House of Cards, Breaking Bad and many cult US TV shows but, if I wanted up to date films that was not the place to go.  But I liked the fact that I could watch Netflix on my Ipad, PC, via Apple TV, via Virgin media or the smart TV and the cost of £4.99 was not too bad.

Lovefilm changed to Amazon Prime a few months back and as I was an Amazon Prime customer I was given this service for free, again there is always something half decent to watch but their range of films was not as up to date as I liked but again I liked that I could watch something from any device.

I wanted to watch more up to date films without being tied to a contract, moving from Virgin Media was not an option neither was adding Sky movies to my package.  So I was on the lookout for options.  Along came Now TV, powered by Sky but with no contracts or tie in costing a fortune.  We purchased the set top box but we can also watch things on the ipads, xbox, smart TV or PC with the only limitation is that only 4 devices can be linked to the account at any time.  The entertainment package if £4.99 a month and gives you all the Sky channels including Sky Atlantic meaning that Mr JAEG is happy as he can watch Game of Thrones and I can watch Penny Dreadful and Mr Sloane that in itself is great but for £8.99 a month you also get access to the Sky Movie channels, at last up to date films! At the moment I have the first month of movies free with the second month half price, but I purchased the set top box from Currys and they have a voucher for 5 months free, not a bad deal.  Now TV is pretty flexible, you can purchase a Sky Sports day pass when you want or a Sports package if you want something longer.  Plus you can cancel at any time. You can check out Now TV here


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