A while ago I wanted to streamline some of my make up storage, I was successful in creating great organisation and I was at a point where I could lay my hands on any item of make up at short notice.  This made my getting ready for work a lot quicker and I could change my look on a whim.

I was frustrated on how many differing pots I had left and these rattled around in drawers, especially when I now purchase the de-potted MAC shadows that fit into their palette.  I wanted something that was universal whilst also flexible and able to grow with my collection.

I was a follower of makeupgeek and during one of her tutorials she mentioned the Zpalette.  I investigated and decided that the palette was the way to go.

If you don’t know these palettes have a magnetic base to fit the pans you want and a clear window allowing you to see what is inside.  Most pans will stick to the base without any issues but in case you have a pan that is not magnetic the palettes come with some sticky backed magnets in two sizes.  The products don’t slide about and as a result less breakage and wastage.

I purchased two large in hot pink and started to deport and organise further.  One palette held my blushers and the other my bronzers, an added bonus was that I had six empties to take back to MAC for a lipstick.

Since my initial purchase I have purchased another large hot pink for my highlighters, a palette designed to hold domed baked products for all my minerlized powders a small hot pink one for my handbag and a medium to house the items I want to use that day.

I like how they are easy to clean, store and are very versatile.  You are not driven by one brand of makeup so you can create the palette that suits you and your pocket.

This link will take you to their US website but you can also purchase in the UK, there are details on their site.  The site also give you hints and tips on de-potting but I also found YouTube to be a wealth of information.

I am a huge fan of these palettes, let me know how you organise your make up.


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