Dove Intensive Self Heating Mask

Whilst I was in Boots a few weeks ago I picked up the Dove Self Heated Mask. I did not have high hopes for it I just thought that it could be useful when away overnight.

It had sat in my drawer for a few weeks and it was when after I had a tidy through of my hair drawer I picked it up ready to use that night.
That night I used it and I was impressed with the heating part, basically the packet is split into 2 compartments and it is when the 2 mixtures are mixed together the formula heats and it is ready to use on the hair.

After a few moments I rinsed the product through my hair and was nicely surprised at how untangled my hair felt.
After allowing my hair to dry naturally it felt soft and silky my natural waves were not at all frizzy and there was shine.
The results lasted for the day, hair was not greasy at all but I think the results were short lived as the next day my hair felt very weighed down and dare I say lank (which never happens normally as I have dry hair).

More details on this mask can be found here

You can purchase this hair mask in Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury and other high street retailers

Intensive Repair Self-Warming Hair Mask


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