Cleaning Make Up Brushes.

I find cleaning my make up brushes a chore.  I feel that I need to clean them a few times each month to avoid spreading any bacteria or clogging of my pores or if I am changing products.

After a lot of faffing in the past I have got into a fairly decent routine of cleaning and drying the brushes.  I use a product I purchased from Amazon (click here for details).  The wash is an antibacterial wash, I wash my brushes through with this first and ‘scrub’ the brush on the base of the washing pot which has tiny bumps to work the lather through the brush.  Once I have rinsed the brush I then use an olive oil beauty bar to complete the clean.  The beauty bar is like a soup, I swirl the brush over the top working a up a little bit of a lather and again I rub the brush bristles over the base of the cleaning pot and rinse.  The double cleaning means that the brush is completely clean removing even the most stubborn of product.

Once the washing is complete I use the towel to pat dry the brush and shape the brush head if I need to.  I then allow the brushes to dry overnight upside down using a brush tree from Benjabelle (available here) I have the Sunflower version.  The brush tree has changed things for the better, instead of having brushes drying all over the bathroom, taking up lots of space I set up the tree and store the brushes upside down to dry.

IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1454

An overnight drying session is normally sufficient for most of my brushes with maybe one of two of the thicker Sigma brushes still needing a while longer.

I am back to using my Real Techniques brushes for my face products as I just think they are the best for make up application, cleaning and drying.

Do you find cleaning your brushes a chore?  I would be interested to know how you clean your make up brushes.



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