Juicing Reboot

I didn’t think I would actually enjoy a juice reboot but I have surprised myself.  April isn’t the best time for me to start a new routine, there are a number of birthdays that are celebrated and that involves meals out and lots of get togethers.  On the special days I just decided not to juice but as soon as the celebration was over I was back on.


Things I have discovered include the fact that vegetable juices are not as horrific as I first thought.  The only juice I found hard to swallow was one that included a green pepper, it tasted like a strong curry sauce and was really hard to face.  I have discovered that juicing did not make me feel as hungry as I thought.  I felt surprisingly full during the day and the only thing I actually missed was my coffee first thing in the morning.

It was nice not having to think about food and all the elements that surround food.  Wondering what to cook and how much time I had to prepare a meal.  I enjoyed going to my local market and purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables and realising that actually it is not as expensive as people say it it to buy a whole weeks worth of produce.

I felt lighter and brighter after juicing for a few days, I slept really well and I felt refreshed.  As I type I am still juicing and I intend to continue for a little while longer.

Would I juice again?  Absolutely, I think this time of year makes it easier but I think a reboot at the start of each season would be a perfect way to perk things up a bit.  A reboot does not have to be a major overhaul, you can reboot for a weekend, 5 days or a fortnight and as long as you are prepared beforehand is not such a huge task.

If you are thinking of juicing for a period of time, please check with your doctor.  If it is your first time I would recommend starting over a period of time when you don’t have much on or work, allowing you time to take things easy.  I would also recommend looking at how other people approached juicing.  I found the following useful for me.




Amazon have a good range of juicing books.

If you are thinking of juicing, good luck and let me know how you got on.



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