Models Own Hyper Gel

I purchased a few varnishes from Models Own a few weeks back, it was a first time try having never owned anything from Models Own before.

Hyper Gel is a gel style varnish that does not need a UV lamp to set.

This varnish is quick drying and has a gorgeous glossy finish without the top coat.

Two coats gave a beautiful finish with great coverage.  The first coat went on with no streaks and the second coat built the depth of colour.

Models Own Hyper Gel have an excellent range of 10 shades to suit everyone click here for details.  My nails have Blue Glint on, a perfect light bright blue for Spring.

Blue Glint








I am impressed with the formula and how long lasting the varnish is, I have had the varnish on my nails for 5 days, they have endured all sorts of day to day thrown at them and they have lasted with no chips.


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