The end of Arc?

I love organisation, it is part of my OCD and I embrace it.

I went into work on the first day of the Easter holiday and organised my desk and items for the classroom ready for the next term.

I organised my makeup back into the Ikea drawers, each drawer holding a class of product.

I organised the home office further.

I organised…oh you get the picture.

Since starting work all those years ago I always had a Filofax around.  I flirted with electronic organisational tools for some time, I had various makes of Palm PDA’s and I remember when flying to Luxembourg to meet with clients purchasing a Psion Series 5 at the airport but I always went back to paper organisation.  This was the pattern until my last Filofax purchase.  I have moaned about the quality of Filofax before but I truly thought that maybe just maybe the quality situation had been resolved.  My last purchase involved me getting really fed up with misaligned rings and general poor quality.  I gave up!

After that point I decided that for my personal life I was going to move over to electronic organisation.  It made sense owning an Iphone and Ipad, it made more sense with Mr JAEG also owning an Iphone and Ipad so I moved over to Google calendars synchronized them up and backed up to the cloud.  So far so good, the Filofax was retired in my household.  The only thing missing is a wall mounted electronic calendar that displays the calendar for everyone in that household

Work organisation was easy, I had started to use the Arc system from Staples in A5 for my work diary and the A4 size quickly followed to house the lesson plans and SEN information I needed on a day to day basis.  I love the Arc system, I use it for study, work and to keep notes for this blog.  My Arc notebooks receive compliments on a daily basis and I just love how versatile it is.

I have a worry though.  I noticed the US Staples site had a new range of books and inserts and they were very appealing to me (that’s not my worry).  I contacted Staples UK to ask if the new range will be out in the UK.  I received the following response from Staples UK a few days later. “We are not going to be getting any new stock from the Arc range”.  This is my concern,am I seeing the death of Arc?

Electronic organisation has worked in my personal life but cannot be used in my professional life, I like the Arc system and I will be absolutely gutted if Staples do not increase the range in the UK to reflect the range we see in the US.



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