My Birthday

I celebrated my birthday the other week.

I was a lucky girl and I just wanted to share some of the gifts I had received, I am not showing off but thought you could get some ideas for yourself..

I have wavy hair and I love embracing the wave but I also like trying the different style of waves you can only get with a tong.

Silk Waving Wand





I heard good things about this wand and it has an unusual barrel shape to create a different style of wave.

Also up is a new pallet from Dior.

Photo 2014-04-06 16.57.21








It is from their Spring range and will be perfect for travelling.

To add to my Pandora collection I got a new bead in the style of a Daisy.

Photo 2014-04-06 16.56.41








I also had been after the Beats Pill Speaker for sometime and I have never gone and purchased it.  Luckily I got one in white.

IMG_1481 IMG_1482





I loved the packaging, it looked like proper pill packaging.  The sound quality is excellent and I love the Bluetooth connections, means I can link up all my devices.

I also got a new pair of Ray Bans, designed on their website to my specification, a total one off.

I have been truly spoiled.



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