Mothers day

March 30th was Mothers day in the UK.  This is the day you give thanks to mum and show that you appreciate her.  But shouldn’t you appreciate your mum every day and give thanks?

Mums are special, they carry you for 9 months forming a bond between you and her that is hard to break.

Being honest my relationship with my own mother has had its ups and downs it has not always been easy.  Whilst growing up my parents argued constantly and I never always understood what was going on.  My birth Father was a tyrant and controlled every aspect of my mothers life and as I grew he controlled every aspect of my life.  I blamed my mum for this thinking she was allowing these things to happen.  It was only in maturity did I discover that with the best will in the world mum could not stop the things that were going on.

My parents divorced and I lost touch with mum, again due to my father forcing me to make a choice.  Looking back I was ashamed of this but this period was very dark for me.

Mum and I found each other again a few years later, thanks to my Nan and one of my Aunts.  Since then we have had ups and downs but I am thankful to have her in my life.  I am thankful she found happiness with a new man and I call him dad.

There are very few people I am genuinely grateful for to have in my life, my hubby, mum and dad and every day I am thankful to them.

I went to Lush and purchased the mum tin with 7 lovely bath and smelly items and had it wrapped in a scarf with thank you in different languages.

Lush's Mother's Day Range 2014, gifts


My mothers day gift was a charm from Pandora, I was given the bracelet for Christmas and this charm is continuing the collection.  The only thing missing was an extra hour sleep as the clocks went forward, well you can have everything.


How did you celebrate mothers day.


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