What I am loving in March

This month is it all about getting the skin right ready to unpeel the layers worn over winter.

My skin does get dry over the winter season despite my best efforts. The movement between warm dry buildings into cold damp air really does frazzle my hair and skin.
I visited Lush a few weekends ago and purchased a few things to kick things off my spring skin care routine.

First up was the Lush “Full of Grace” facial serum bar.
Lush say “this preservative-free, all-natural and gentle bar is jammed with Amazonian softening butters, calming chamomile, and skin-protecting Portobello mushrooms to help retain elasticity and keep you looking radiant. We use this in our Validation facial treatment in our Lush Spas, and it’s great to use at home before a Fresh Face Mask to boost its effects or as a night cream.”
I have been using it for over a week and my skin does feel soft after using it and is great to use just before sleep.

Next up was a fresh face mask “The Sacred Truth”.
Lush say “Ginseng and ginkgo leaf are said to boost blood circulation, whilst honey, yoghurt and free range eggs leave skin soft and moisturised. Green tea and fresh wheatgrass are full of antioxidants, allowing your skin to feel fresh, cleansed and revitalised. Wheatgrass is full of nutrients to feed your skin, whilst the enzymes in fresh papaya will strip away dead skin, giving you a youthful glow.”
I really love the fresh face masks from Lush, they smell great and feel lovely on the skin.

I absolutely love the massage bars from Lush, great to use on your own or on someone. I purchased 2 for myself, the first “Peace” is really softening and the scent is choc full of essential oils. The second is “Tender is the Night” that smells of vanilla and jasmine leaves a great scent on the skin whilst softening it.

I also purchased “Wiccy Magic Muscles” massage bar for Mr JAEG, to use after the gym, it smells great.

The last item was their lip scrub in “Popcorn”, goes without saying what this does. I love the scent and how it makes my lips feel after using it.

I like Lush and their products I love how they have a stance with regard to animal testing, how they have their campaigns, support charities and are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Check out their products here



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