A long time ago I watched a film called “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”.  At the time I didn’t think much of it but as the weather improved I wanted to see how I could switch up my nutrition.
I looked into the whole juicing regime and I liked what I had read and seen and decided to incorporate it into my day.
I am not new to juicing, I had a juicer a while back but it was such a faff but since then they have come on tonnes and have become more user friendly.  Mr JAEG and I decided to go for a Sage juicer as the feeder tube can take whole fruit and there is less faff, the unit is easier to clean and produces great juice.
I still have to eat with the students but I can incorporate juice into my daily diet and the fact I am adding vitamins and nutrients in this way is great.  Beats the pill popping.

If you are interested in juicing Joe Cross has a great web site here.
Amazon has a huge amount of books to help get started or with recipes and if you want to try a juice or two before committing then there are a few juice bars to choose from Boost Juice shops can be found in most shopping centres in the UK and their products can be found here 

I will post a full review of the Sage soon but I would value any thoughts you have about juicing.


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