It was as I was standing in front of the school during an event this week when I realised that I and the adults around me were acting.  To look at us you would not realise that one was going through major problems with their home, another was dealing with major illness in their family another through severe anxiety.  We were all professional and there would be no reason the students would know what was going on in the private lives of the adults in front of them, why should they.  It got me onto thinking about the other ‘sides’ of us the different ways we project ourselves, both professionally and personally.
I know that I have many ‘faces’: dealing with the students: with colleagues; with family; with friends; when alone; when on this blog.
This is why programmes like celeb big brother always interests me as you cannot keep one mask on 24/7 it always slips and under that mask is the true person.  Some people are clever and keep the truth hidden for a while others not so good.  All in all eventually the true self is shown for some the true person isn’t a great person hence why they need the different faces.
I want all the different faces I have to still reflect the true me and I also want to be the person I would want to hang about with so that if a mask slipped I was still a good person and true to myself whilst being professional.
There is nothing wrong with having different sides to yourself but if you are hiding a persona that is less savory, one that you may be ashamed of then there is something wrong and that needs to be worked on.  One thing I have learnt in the last few years that children are very watchful, they watch the adults around them closely and can spot cracks, they can tell

There is just 3 weeks to the Easter break, the weather has changed for the best and that means working on the garden and letting the sunshine into the home.
Easter always means new beginnings for me, the change of season from Winter to Spring always perks me up.  Clothes get lighter and brighter, make up becomes less matte and more glowing, the evenings are still light so more time to do things outside, food becomes fresher and there is no need to fill up on comfort food.  When the sun shines everyone is in a happier mood and everyone feels more active.
There is stress at work, Ofsted have still not come in but that’s OK, I have a new person joining this week and I feel that regardless of a monitoring visit things are going well at work.  I still maintain that going into education was the right thing to do, I just need to shape how I would like things to go the next few years.


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