My own project runway

One of my guilty pleasures (apart from all things beauty related) is craft.  I find that after a stressful day there is nothing better to carve out some time to meditate.  One way of meditating is to lose myself in something craft related.  This is giving focus to something that requires using my brain in a different way to my normal day to day brain power.  I do many crafts, baking, sweet making, jewellery making and sewing.  Now the home office has been organised I have space away to re-start my sewing projects.  I decided to start updating my wardrobe and collated together my patterns and looked out for new patterns in the process.  Amazon is a great place for patterns but not exclusive, just Google sewing patterns and you will see a vast array of patterns and designs, from simple and quick to complete and stunning.

My current collection

I think programmes like the Great British Bake Off and The Great British Sewing Bee show us how easy it is to start baking and sewing at home, and I think that is reflected in the shops and on-line community.
Whilst I was studying I stopped all my craft, devoting my spare time to my degree study, looking back I am not sure that was a good thing, after all there was no stress relief.  Studying was no let up from work, both being very similar in brain power.

I wont say I am an expert in my craft, I enjoy doing them and I find them relaxing.  I hope I will become better with practice and that sewing especially will serve me well helping me produce clothes that are unique, whilst being suitable for work or going out.

I hope to post some of my completed work eventually on here.  Some work already completed has been donated to charity but I will try to add some photos on here next time.

What do you do to relax after stressful periods?


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