Birthday wishes

I love this time of year.  The change of season really perks me up and the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings too are getting lighter.  The sun can change how people view the world and as I type I can see the sun streaming through the window, I heard the birds tweet and I just know that winter is over.

This time of year brings many joys, Easter is soon, mothers day is sooner and at the start of April is my birthday with Mr JAEG soon after.

I have already purchased Mr JAEG’s gift, I cannot wait to give it to him but I cannot say here what I have got him until after his birthday.

There is not a lot I want for my birthday, what do you get the girl who has everything, right?  I thought that until I say that you can now design your own Ray Bans.  I love my sunglasses, I have a great collection that fits in with my lifestyle but the fact that I can design my own really appeals to me.  Since logging on I have come up with 2 different designs, both very me, both different to each other and what I already had in my collection.  You can design yours here.

The other thing that is really appealing to me right now is juicing.  About 10 years ago I had purchased a juicer and I will be honest it was a complete faff to make anything.  I had to chop up the fruit into small pieces and the clean up operation after was huge and to be honest that outweighed the beauty of a freshly produced juice.  I have been researching juicers and they have come on a long way since my effort 10 years back.  The chute is larger and so there is no need to prep the fruit or veg before, and it appears that the clean up operation is much faster now making the whole juicing business more beneficial.

I think that’s about it for my birthday wish list.  If you have tried juicing I would be grateful for feedback to the machine and recipes.

On a slightly related note, I am really trying to watch what I am consuming, slowly and surely I am eating less meat and I feel good on that, who knows I may become a vegetarian but at the moment I am just good with cutting down meat consumption.  The other thing I am looking at is where my food comes from, I use soya milk the lactose in normal milk used to play merry hell in my stomach but I am interested in trying raw milk as lactose is not an issue.  I am looking at farmers markets and I need to become more interested in what I am consuming and I think a key point is knowing where my food is coming from.  I want to investigate the different ways we can improve out lives, our health with food.  Again any views greatly appreciated.


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