Goodbye February

I am writing this in my newly built home office and I am so pleased we decided to go ahead and get sharps in to design and build.  I find this new room a haven from the world, a place to retreat should I need to take time out for the hustle and bustle.
I am much better compared to this time last year, anxiety has not disappeared, (I am not sure it ever will) but it is at a level I can manage now.  That has helped everything else get back on track and on board.  I am grateful that I have my partner and family around me and that they have made me realise that no matter what they are there for me.  I highly recommend if you are every struggling in life to find someone to speak to, whether it be the Samaritans, doctor, trusted friend or a family member.  It is easier said than done but I urge anyone who feels they are up against it to speak up, speak out and tell someone how you feel.

I cannot believe we are now in March, boy this year is really moving at a pace but I am glad we are heading towards spring (although winter was not hideous and cold just hideous and wet).  As yet Ofsted have not been into check us out and the pressure is felt, I have decided to ignore the pressure and do what I have always done and that is my job to the best I can with the tools I have.  There is no way Ofsted will see me or my team in a bad light, we are good at what we do and I lead a fantastic team.  I am making sure we are spot on without pilling on the stress and pressure others may be getting.

This new home office has a place for me to take time out, to work and to do my craft, something which has helped me keep stress and anxiety under control.  I am back to dressmaking as I can get to my sewing machine and this is a love I have always kept hidden until now.  I love dressmaking, I am still a novice but its a bit like my beauty passion, it is not hurting anyone and I love trying out new things, new methods and building a wardrobe of clothes that are unique.  Next I will be back to jewellery making too, I have the space now!

So onto what I have loved in February.


  • Not strictly TV but watchable all the same and that is House of Cards – Kevin Spacey is amazing in it and I have had to watch season 2 twice now.
  • Eastenders – it was great to see Stacey back in the square.
  • Jonathan Creek – he is back for a short season and the first episode was great.
  • Silk – another BBC programme that is fantastic.
  • Line of Duty – gripping.
Thanks to Netflix and now Amazon Prime I have watched a fair few films this past month, the stand out ones are:
  • Out of Time
  • The Final Destination Films
  • Iron Man (1 and 2)
  • Olympus has fallen – watched last year on a flight, glad its on Netflix


  • I have loved my Sigma brushes this month.
  • MAC creme blush (all shades) less drying at this time of year.
  • MAC lipstick in Fanfare, a beautiful pink.
  • Lush body bars, smell divine and soften the skin.
  • Inglot shadows.
  • My Urban Decay Naked 3 pallet
  • Smashbox pallet
  • Mini eggs, I love when Easter is close and I have an excuse to eat them.
  • Miller and Carter restaurants, we had an amazing meal in there last week and it is now our new place to go.
  • Sodastream
  • Nespresso, still making great coffee.
I hope you had a wonderful February and enjoying March.

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