A review – Inglot freedom pallet

A few weeks ago you would have seen that I decided to try the Inglot Freedom Pallet (see here).  I have heard many good things about the eye shadows in particular and I wanted to check them out myself.
I decided to go for the freedom pallet that holds 4 square pans (shadow or other) and if I liked the formula then there was no reason not to purchase more.  Pricing side by side to MAC shows that the refills from Inglot are more favourably priced, getting more bang for your buck.

I went for 4 shades, the pairs of shades that could blend with each other, greens and blues.
471 – An olive green shade
333 – A beautiful dark green
338 – A dark cornflower blue
387 – A muted grey with a hint of purple.

Top row| 338|387
Bottom row| 333|471

There is a huge ranges of colours and finishes to choose from and the colours that you see on the screen are a fair representation of what you actually get.  This is much better than the MAC website, where I am always trying to second guess the colour swatches I see on the screen (maybe that’s just me thought).

Firstly I would like to talk about the pallet.  The lid is translucent frosted white with the Inglot name stamped across in black, you can make out the shades through the lid which is useful if you have a number of shadows you wish to find.  The lid is held on by 4 very strong magnets which could make removing the lid hard, but if you slide the lid off the magnets instead of pulling the lid off there really isn’t a problem.  These magnets will ensure that the shadows are not going anywhere when travelling, you wont have crumbled up shadows in the bottom of your make up bag.  The pallet and lid are of a sturdy plastic that does not feel or look cheap.  The pans slot into the base of the pallet easily and are easy to remove, the numbers of the shades are on a label on the back of the pan so you can lift the shadow up and check what the shade number is.  The pallet is a mattblack and compliments the writing on the lid.

The shadows are highly pigmented and blend really well on the lid.  The staying power is fabulous and look good as the day progresses (I will have to say here that the staying power could be down to the Urban Decay primer I always use).  The formula is soft and glides smoothly onto the lid with no fall out and the colour on the lid is as true to what you see in the pan, they are not chalky they don’t go on patchy.  The pan size is larger than MAC so great value for money and I would say that the quality of the shadows are as good as MAC.  Lets face it once on the eye who knows if you are wearing MAC or Inglot anyway.

Would I buy more?  the answer to this is yes I like their shadows and their formula works well for what I want.  I like the fact that they have a great range of colours and finishes.  I like how they state next the products that they are paraben free and not tested on animals (being an animal lover this is very important to me.


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