A review – Maybelline Big Eyes Waterproof Mascara

It seems like suddenly I am seeing dual ended mascara’s everywhere.  Dual ended mascara’s were popular a few years back and mainly consisted of a primer (base) which was normally white at one end and a black mascara the other end.

A few weeks ago I walked into Boots and thought I would check out the mascara’s.  I prefer drug store mascara’s as high end are very expensive and I do think you get the same result from a drug store mascara as you would from a high end brand.

The big thing again seems to be dual ended mascara as I looked around Boots.  I decided to go for Max Factor and Maybelline, my purchase post can be found here but I could have plumped for any of the drug store bands, the choice seemed endless.

Since my purchase I have been using it daily and I wanted to share my thoughts.

First the positives.

  • Both brushes are a nice size, the brush for the lower lashes is small enough to catch all the lashes but not too small to make catching the lower lashes an issue.
  • The colour is a decent black, with good coverage on the upper and lower lashes from the first swipe.
  • The formula is waterproof, stays on all day with no flaking and lashes did not feel crispy.  Yes it is hard to remove at the end of the day but I personally want a mascara with brilliant staying power and it I have to use my cleansing balm twice to remove all of my mascara so be it.  If this is a problem there is also a washable formula I believe coming out.
Now the negatives.
  • The formula that is in the tube dries out very quickly and this makes for more clumping on the upper lashes.  This is a quick drying mascara on the lashes so it is bound to be quick drying if you leave the mascara open to the air for a long time.
  • The brushes are fiddly, this is a difficult thing to describe but the size of the brush handle makes it really difficult to get to the corner lashes on both top and bottom.
  • This formula is meant to give volume to lashes, I didn’t really notice any change in volume.
So now the question is would I repurchase?
The answer to that is no, the reason being that it did not have the X factor for me.  I found it was too drying on my lashes but the staying power was great.  It did not improve the volume of my lashes and the finished look was not glossy enough.

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