Upheaval & adding to my makeup

We are now in the midst of major work being completed in the house.  The study has been fully ripped out the old desks are being sold off and the new furniture has been delivered ready to be fitted together Monday.
My living space has turned upside down with the other rooms in the house being used as makeshift study areas.  In the past I would have hated this but I like seeing work in progress now and I can see that short term pain is long term gain.
The new carpet has been ordered and the walls will be repainted in shades of peacock blue and gold.  I cannot wait to see the finished room.

In all the upheaval I have kept my beauty routine the same.  I have to say that I have been very impressed with my Sigma brushes, they are as good as my MAC brushes for applying my eye make up.  The Real Technique brushes are still the best for applying my face make up.  The Expert Face Brush is perfect for applying foundation and making it look flawless. The Stippling Brush is perfect for applying the cream blushers I have from MAC and the Buffing Brush is brilliant for adding face powder to the shiny parts of the face.
I have been reading a lot about Inglot, I remember years ago they were in Bluewater Shopping Centre and I had purchased a hand cream from them.  The hand cream has long been used up and I saw the name Inglot on a recent blog post that they were still around in the UK.  I looked around some more and I liked the look of the Freedom System.  This is similar to the MAC pallets but the eye shadows are at a fraction of the price.  An Inglot 4 space pallet is £6 compared to a MAC at £6.50 but the money saving is in the actual eye shadows.  Inglot shadows for the Freedom System (square) is £4.50 and come in about 100 different shades and finishes with each shadow weighing a minimum of 2.3g, the MAC shadows are £10 each and again come in a brilliant range for colours and finishes but weigh 1.5g.  The Freedom System is not just for eye shadows but for face powders, brows, blush, lips and concealers.  There is a choice between round and square pallets with or without mirrors, with or without applicators and as a result you have a totally customized system for make up.  My favorite pallet is the Freedom System Palette EBP retails at £10 and has large square that is for a pressed powder, a rectangle for blush, and two smaller squares for either eye shadow or concealer or lip.  This makes it the perfect pallet for a night out, slim enough to slip into a small clutch with product to take you through an evening.
I decided that I would purchase the Freedom System Palette 4 Eye Shadow Square and 4 shadows as a test.  The shadows purchased are:
471 – An olive green shade
333 – A beautiful dark green
338 – A dark cornflower blue
387 – A muted grey with a hint of purple.

Depending on how they look and work I will add to my collection with colours I don’t have at the moment in my collection.
I will add pictures once I have finished with all the upheaval.

Have you owned anything from Inglot, I would be glad to hear from you?


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