Valentines wish list

I don’t have much to wish for on valentines day as I pretty much have all I need/want. However I thought I would list a few nice to haves all the same.

1. Smashbox full exposure pallet.
2. The new Viva Glam lipstick from Mac
3. The new Dior spring collection especially the eye shadows.
4. A visit to Iglot (Westfield White City).
We are now heading towards a half term break and I cannot wait. The study is being reinvented over half term and I cannot wait to see the finished room.  It is largely down to my mum that I am able to get Sharps in and have it fitted out and I am so grateful to her, words will not be able to express how grateful I am.
The weather has been dreadful in the UK, rain, high winds and storms, I really feel for those who have suffered over the weather these few months.
The poor weather meant that I have had to dig out my hats to stop my hair from getting wreaked by the storms. I am using a trilby that was purchased from Satya Twena. It is hand made in black felt with a pink ribbon trim, I would highly recommend checking them out.  As soon as I have my study back I will post a picture but my camera is packed away.

I am looking forward for season 2 of House Of Cards to come onto Netflix (14 Feb).  Kevin Spacey is amazing in this series, the programme is gripping.  The popularity of Netflix highlights to me how viewing programmes has changed over the last few years.  Netflix means that I can watch ‘box sets’ when I want instead of waiting for the next episode to come out on TV.  I can spend whole days if I wish to watching whole seasons of Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black.  I can watch the films or programmes I want to from any room in the house via my Virgn Tivo boxes, computer, Ipad or Apple TV.  I like how Netflix has commissioned programmes like House of Cards and is releasing the whole season in its entirety on the same day.


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