Admitting being wrong and other musings

It is not often I have to admit I was wrong but here is a time when I am going to do just that and put my hands up.
When I received my January Glossy Box I was completely underwhelmed by a few of the products, one of which was the Yu-Be cream.  Since using it for the last few weeks I am very impressed and it will be on my list of repurchases.  I love the smell and the texture of the cream and it really does protect the skin from the harshness of the cooler air or the ravages of the centrally heated buildings.  It reminds me of the Egyptian Magic Cream I have been using these last few months.

I have been using my Real Techniques brushes and I love them.  I think most of the brushes are brilliant and do an amazing job but (there is always a but) I think the eye brushes are not up to the standard compared to the other brushes.  I have kept at it for a few months hoping they would soften up and work as well as my old MAC brushes but this week I called time on them.  I have purchased the Sigma Eye Kit to replace my Real Technique eye brushes.  It is too early to say whether they are up to the standard of the MAC brushes I used to have but I do like having the chance to break open a new set.

I am so happy that ELF have opened up in the UK , I have ordered 2 large brush holders, I have been wanting one for so long .  I want to take a road trip to the store but that may have to wait until Easter.
February is an amazing month, firstly half term slots right in halfway through which means we are a half way through the school year.  Secondly February is a short month, bringing us closer to my birthday.  Also there are lots of great films out this month me and Mr JAEG will be going to the cinema a fair bit this month.

I am loving this advert


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