My January Favorites

I know January has left us and you could say that my post is a little late to cover the items I liked during January but I wanted to sit and think about what I liked as I had chopped and changed a lot of items over the month.  The selection is not the largest compared to other posts, I have put the items into categories to show they are not all make up related.  Here goes!

Make up
Only 3 things have been an out and out favorite for me in January.

  1. MAC foundation – I am using the rest of my studio fix foundation in but I am also enjoying the new Studio Sculpt purchased a few weeks ago.  Both give great coverage and keeps the coverage going until the end of the day.
  2. I am liking my Clinique Chubby Sticks, I am using the most recent purchase mostly at the moment as the berry colour sits well for the time of year.  They are so moisturising with a good colour pay off and easy to put on and wear when in a rush.
  3. Clinique Take The Day Off Balm has been a hit with me.  I like the texture and how well it removes the most stubborn of my make up.
  1. I am really liking the L’oreal studio line #TXT supersizing spray. click here.  Words cannot describe how much I love using this product, it gives great volume and texture without it being sticky or hard to brush out.
  2. The second thing is my new hair style and colour, I made a change to my hair colour a few months back but had it done again this week and it looks amazing, thank you D!
TV & Film
  1. Those of you who follow me on twitter would see that I have been loving the latest round of Celebrity Big Brother, since it ended my TV schedule has not been the same.  I have never known a bunch of ‘celebrities’ show themselves in such a poor light it was like a group of Justin Beibers in one place.
  2. I loved Wolf of Wall Street.
  3. I sat with Mr JAEG this weekend and watched Olympus Has Fallen, I had seen it before but it was well worth watching again.


  1. I have been loving my Zara double sided scarf.  It is huge, like a blanket with a black and white dog tooth pattern on one side and a red tartan on the other.  I would post a link but Zara sold out ages ago.  It is so soft and really does keep you warm.
  2. I also love my Black and Yellow Barbour jacket, not too thick that I cannot breathe but enough padding to take the chill off.  The weather in the UK has not been cold enough to wear thick jackets, it has just been raining a heck of a lot!
So what have you been loving so far this year?

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