Compact pots of happiness

I remember as a little girl sitting nearby mum whilst she got her powder compact out to check her face and redo her lipstick.  My memory tells me it was blue and maybe had a bird design on it, like swans.  I used to play with this compact and pretend I was patting powder over my face like I had seen on TV and what my mum did. I do wonder where that compact is now.

Top row: Loose powder compact/1st compact
Bottom row: Epcot compact/latest compact

I have owned a powder compact since I was little, I am not sure who gave me my first one either my mum or my nan but despite who it was I still have it.  It was made by Stratton, the label on the bottom says Stratton England as they manufactured compacts in England at the time, I guess by now you can call it vintage (boy do I feel old now!).  Although old it has a timeless design on the top and is very girlie.

Floral vintage
Original sifter intact
In 1999/2000 I was given my second compact, it was purchased in “Japan Land” in Disney’s Epcot centre, this one holds special memories as it was the first time in the States and the first time in Disney.

Japanese design, made in Japan bought in Epcot

 This compact has been in daily use ever since.
My third compact was purchased at a fayre, this was to celebrate my jewellery making stall, I like this compact as it holds loose powder very will with no risk of spillage.

Holds loose powder
Internal lip stops powder spillage.

My last compact was fairly recent compared to the others and was given to me by my mum.  This one again made by Stratton but by now the manufacturing had moved from England, the label on the bottom omits the England, how sad.

Latest Stratton with blue leaf design
Currently holding loose powder under the sifter

I decided that I was going to get all my compacts out, give them a clean, make sure they are still fit for purpose and use them all.  I wanted to add the timeless glamour back into my make up bag.

The first thing was to get powders that fit in the pan.  This was a tough task as some powders are small than the pan size, some are now square (thank you benefit) and some just do not have the colour/formula I look for.  I spent some time during a recent shopping trip trying to find refills that will fit into the compact and I can tell you the number of products is limited to say the least.
I looked at MAC although the pan would fit into the compact (sitting in the sifter) the trouble in getting the pan out of the MAC compact would be too much, first you would have to break away the MAC plastic housing and then try to wedge something sharp between the remaining plastic and the pan to force it out.  It is hit and miss, sometimes you could be successful getting the pan and the powder pressed inside the pan out intact but most times the powder could crack and crumble under the pressure of forcing the pan out of the plastic.  I know this as I have tried a few times in the past and I am just not willing to fork out the money only for the product to crack and get wasted.
Benefit was a no no as they have changed their packaging so that their powders are in a square pan.
Smashbox had no products suitable and Stila did not have any powders out to compare.
I decided to head towards the ‘drug store’ end and I looked at the products at the displays in Boots.  he problem I have here is that most of the products do not have a tester, the spaces where testers should be lay empty and standing by these displays trying to see if a product would fit into my compact made me, well lets just say I looked dodgy.
Finally I gave up and I went on line and looked at what the wonderful world of blogging had for me, first stop really informative and has put me on the right road at last.  I also looked at this blog post backed up the first one.  Finally explained what to do if I wanted to use loose powder.

Range of ways of holding powder.

I think its a shame that the golden age of the glamour powder compacts is slowly fading as seen with the limited amount of refills and I will do my bit to keep the glamour alive.


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