January 2014 Glossybox – Back to Basics

So the Glossybox theme for January is “Back to Basics” I kind of like the sound of that I thought as I opened the box up.
Firstly the box has been slightly revamped, it is glossy and feels nice to the touch.  I use the boxes after I have emptied them out for all sorts of things, I have one holding my belts and buckles, one for my pens at work, one holding my cotton wool pads I could go on.

Back to Basics

I opened the box right up and this bit is always thrilling to me as I have a sense of expectation of what I will find inside.  Some months I am happy, others not so sometimes I am on the fence.  This month fell into the fence category.  I always read the magazine that comes with the box but even that did not set me alight with inspiration compared to other months.

The first thing I laid eyes on were the 2 small tubes of Yu-Be moisturising skin cream.  click here for more details.  A little does go a long way and yes it is a nice cream but I was not over impressed after using it a few times and its not a repurchase product for me.

I then picked out the Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches click here.  Great name for a product and although I have not used it yet I know I am going to like it.  The packaging is bright and funky and after using their facial spray I know these eye patches will suit my skin.  The price is at a good price point £6.00 for a 3 pack and I know I will repurchase.

I pulled out next Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion, the brand is already a firm favorite already with me, I use the spray formulas and like them so seeing this in the box was a good thing as I will use it but also a let down as I like to try new untried products with my subscription. Vaseline products is available in many places including Boots click here.  I prefer the spray function much easier in the mornings and I highly recommend the spray and go moisturiser click here

Next out was tweezers.  Now I groaned, I like tweezers and I have a few but the fact is one or two of mine have come from previous Glossy Boxes so I have a few already in my collection.  These tweezers are from The Vintage Cosmetic Company click here and look nice, floral and pretty but are no different the the HD Brows tweezers sent a few months back or any of the others I own. These will be given away and I hope someone else will enjoy them.

My last item out was Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash click here, nice smell not convinced about the toning part but lathers up and the fragrance stays with you for a good while after.  A nice product but nothing amazing.

Vaseline/Anatomicals/Yu-Be/Balance me/The Vintage Cosmetic Company
Vaseline/Anatomicals/Yu-Be/Balance me/The Vintage Cosmetic Company
Balance me/Vaseline
Anatomicals/The Vintage Cosmetic Company

Mixed feelings about this Glossy Box, but on the whole I was left disappointed but the products inside.
If you subscribe to Glossy Box did you feel the same?


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