Cinema, food and more shopping

It’s been a frustrating week this week but as I look back I can’t work out where the frustrations were coming from. The things I had put my mind to worked well and to my advantage, I was formally observed and got amazing positive feedback which is always good to hear, interviews are going well and I felt on top of my game. Maybe it’s that time of year joined in with the tiredness I think the cold wet days and the long dark nights don’t appeal to all.

We decided mid week that we would go to the cinema, lots of great films out now and coming out in February so I booked up “The Wolf of Wall Street”.  Oh boy, did that bring back memories and a light bulb went on about halfway through.  When I was in my previous incarnation I would not suffer fools, but I realised that now working with kids slowly but surely I have become softer, more patient and dare I say it I care more deeply.  It sounds like a good thing and to be honest it is but I need to be aware and not be taken advantage of, not that I think anyone around me can take advantage of me now but I need to be aware that there will be some people who for their own selfish reasons could play on my new softer side.

So before the cinema we went shopping, I needed supplies.  My skin went very dry this week, the cold damp weather has not been helping, I move from warm dry cozy rooms to the cold 6 or so times a day and my skin does not know what way is up.  I decided to leave my skin alone this week, using gentle cleansing methods and my make up consisted of cream products such as MAC cream blush and liquid bronzer.

The first place I headed to was Boots and the Clinique counter, I wanted a tub of Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm I heard some good things about this product and the consistency looked nourishing to me, I used it for the first time last night so it is too early to say whether the product will suit me but I liked how my face felt after using the product.  I also purchased a new Chubby Stick in Broadest Berry, I love these easy to use lip gloss/chap stick they are so moisturizing with a good amount of colour.

Last weeks purchases. MAC studio Sculpt NW20/MAC Cremeblend Blush Ladyblush
Last week whilst on the way to Arsenal I stopped off for my foundation, in my rush to get to the Emirates I forgot to get a new mascara and powder bronzer.  So after seeing the lovely ladies on the Clinique counter I headed to the Boots make up displays and picked 2 mascaras the first was Maybelline big eyes mascara, I liked the fact that it was a double ended mascara, one end for the top lashes and the other for the lower lashes.  The other was from Max Factor Excess Volume Extreme Impact Mascara another double ended mascara but this is one that builds glossy top lashes.  Both mascaras have had good write ups and I am hoping they do live up the hype.  I then went to the Smashbox counter and purchased the lightest bronzer they have, just because I live in Essex does not mean I have to be orange, but I do like to have a little definition to my face and I like having a glow to my face. I purchased the sunkissed bronzer and it looks lovely and subtle on.  I also purchased a lip gloss The O Plump will change colour that is tailored to your own lip colour whilst giving a bit of ommph to the lips.

I moved on to Lush and I purchased a few things for the body and bath plus a face mask to help with dry skin Oatifix smells divine and I did so want to eat it but I hope it does what it says on the tub!

Lush King of Skin/Clinique Chubby Stick/Smashbox bronzer/Smashbox O-Plump/Lush Oatifix/Max Factor Volume Extreme/Maybelline Big Eyes.

After the film (which was very good) we had a late lunch/early dinner at Jamies Italian, amazing food and great service.  I wanted to take a picture of my dinner but I totally got caught up with the yummy smells I tucked right in without a second thought.  I had a burger (no surprise there as I am a burger addit) and and garlic chips.  I was so full I could not finish it off and I wish I had taken it away in a doggy bag.  Mr JAEG had a meatball pizza followed by a lush looking lemon meringue pie.  I would love to go back and try some other things on the menu, it all looked very nice.
Today will be spend clearing out the study in readiness for the surveyor and then a fitted home office.
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.


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