What I am loving right now.

I just wanted to put out there what I am loving right now.


  1. I am loving Sherlock, the last one was Sunday but it has been gripping since the first episode of the new season.  The episode when John gets marries was fabulous.
  2. Eastenders, I am not going to lie I like watching it even though it can be depressing and sometimes the story lines are just wrong.  I mean you have to suspend belief when watching it as it is not a true portrayal of the London’s East End, after all I should know its not that far away!  But, I like the new Carter family (I once did have a thing for Danny Dyer) and I think they have tackled a tricky story line well.  Eastenders is the only soap I will watch and I am glad they are trying with new characters.  Although I sort of like the old characters, Ian Beale has had more wives/girlfriends than I care to think about but I have known people like him.  The Jackson family are always good to watch, Bianca pinching the TV remote from her ex boyfriend was funny.
  3. Breaking Bad, ok this is not on mainstream TV but I have Netflix to thank.  What a programme, highly addictive and I just cant stop watching it in marathon sessions, I am up to season 5 and I have no clue what can happen next.  I highly recommend.
  4. Celeb Big Brother, a bunch of mixed up people locked away and fighting, snogging, sleeping and playing a game.
  1. Sweeney
  2. Despicable me 1 and 2.
  1. Can We Dance – The Vamps
  2. We Are Young – Fan
  3. Roar – Katy Perry
  4. Happy – Pharrell Williams I love this video
  1. MAC Studio fix
  2. MAC lipstick  – Fanfare
  3. Medik8
  4. Urban Decay Naked 3
  1. My new Superdry glasses, the case is rubbish but the glasses are brilliant.
  2. My pewter Dr Martens co comfy now they are broken in.
  3. Sharps bedrooms they are designing the study we both cannot wait for the finished room.
  4. Arc Notebooks the best way of organising a set of notes.
  5. Moleskine passions books a good way to consolidate information, I wish they did one for make up/beauty.
  6. All my Duo boots
What are you loving right now?


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