A week in make up

A new week meant I changed my make up. I am trying different combinations before buying any more products.

I moved back to my Nars blush in Orgasm, I have hit pan on this and I’m sure I will repurchase as some point. My bronzer was from K-co I have no idea where I purchased this,I think I got it from a clothes show/make up/model type exhibition. I like this bronzer as it’s not glittery, not orange and does not look muddy on. Again I have hit pan on this, would I buy again? To be honest I am not sure, maybe but I want to check what else it out ther like this one.  I am back to using MAC mineralize skinfinish in Light Year as my highlighter, I love using this.

My foundation is still MAC but I’m now using up my bottle of Hyper Real in NW300 which is more drying than I remember, my skin did feel dry towards the end of the mornings, after day 1 I decided to spritz my face with the Body Shop vitamin E spray and that improved things but I am on the look out for a new foundation.  I decided to use the primer that came in my Glossy Box a while back. MONU first defence illuminating primer, I think this is very similar to MAC strobe cream.

I have kept my eye cream and concealer the same for the week along with my Naked 3 pallet.
I kept nail varnish off my nails for a week as I didn’t want the nails to yellow and I decided to start the week with Get Your Number from OPI, another one from their liquid sand range.
The look is like stars in the night sky, flecks of glitter with a blue background. I love the liquid sand range as they are hard wearing but they are a devil to remove.
I’m looking forward to the new make up ranges being launched for spring. I see OPI bringing out some sheer varnishes, MAC have new pallets to rival Urban Decay and Stila have some fabulous products including metallic eyeliners coming out, I can’t wait.
By the time this gets posted I will be on my way to watch Arsenal at home, although I’m fairly girly with my make up etc I still like going to a football match (especially if it’s Arsenal) and joining in with the singing and banter you get at matches.
Hope you are having a fantastic weekend.

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