2014 Mission Statement

Happy New Year!

I first started to post back in 2012, in fact my actual first post was 31st December 2011 (click here for recap).  I am still very new to this blogging thing and I sometimes wonder why I started to do it, I enjoy reading others and I do gain valuable insight into other things, I always learn wonderful things from others and I like to be open minded when finding a new blog to read.  For instance I enjoy reading blogs about beauty, education, fashion, organisation and lifestyle and I like to think my musings cover some of those things too.

I decided that I would not write resolutions for 2014 but have a mission statement instead, to me that feels like less pressure trying to stick with it and there is room for movement, to tailor it as the year progresses.  My mission statement for this year is to build upon what I have started already, so continue to evolve and self improve, to learn from past mistakes never making the same mistakes again.  I am going to learn new things and continue to do the things that make me happy.  So there you go pretty open ended, I will say yes more and seek challenges more often.

Last night was lovely, for the first time in a while I have spent Christmas and New Year in the UK, I normally go to Washington DC for the holiday break.  Although I missed spending time with that part of the family I was glad to be home for the holiday, it meant I could sleep in, mooch around in PJ’s go to the stores when I and Mr JAEG wanted and relax with my loved ones.  Last night involved a few drinks with Mr JAEG and the family, watching the fireworks on the TV.

I am not going to do a complete 2013 favorites as I have used so many products and I have not kept a full note on them all but I will be reviewing what I have enjoyed using in December.
The first thing I have been enjoying is hot chocolate, I have finally found a chocolate powder I actually like when mixed with warm milk.  It is Spanish drinking chocolate and very nice, not too rich and blends nicely with soya milk.

I purchased mine from Amazon, a gamble that paid off.
The next thing I have been enjoying is the new coffee machine Mr JAEG and I purchased just before Christmas, it is from Nespresso and it makes the best coffee ever from a ‘capsule’ machine and I have tried a few over the years. It is very stylish and matches the kitchen perfectly.

This machine comes with its own milk frother and is far superior to other disc machines.

My next item also sits in the kitchen.

I was given a bread making machine for Christmas, it’s from Lakeland and makes a loaf from start to finish in 3 hours, perfect size for 2 people.  The smell of fresh baked bread fills the house and makes it very homely, we both enjoy trying different types of bread and the beauty is as the loaves are small there is no waste.
I am also enjoying Sweetbird salted caramel syrup, nice with the aforementioned hot chocolate and coffee.

We have spent some time decorating the house, so my next item is a paint.

This is from Craig and Rose and the shade is ‘Sensual Silver’ from their opulence range found in B & Q. This shade is not a shy shade it is out there loud and bold but it suited the room perfectly.

I have been enjoying candles, well it’s that time of year.
The Pecksniff’s candle was a Christmas gift and the Yankee candle was purchased in the sales.  The Pecksniff’s is an orange scent and as you can see from the label on the Yankee candle that scent is apple.  Both burn lovely and clean and fragrance the rooms very well.
I have new reading glasses, so they have to make the favorite list.
The case floored me to be honest it’s like an old school style pencil case with a slide out top.  I won’t use the case for the glasses but I like how funky the case and glasses look together.

Onto 2 beauty products to finish off.  This time of year my skin really plays up it becomes dry so I absolutely love the Body Shop body butters, my current love is vanilla but is am also loving the gingerbread fragrance and the almond so I am switching between the 3 depending on what I am doing that day and what perfume I’m wearing.  I also like using almond oil grape seed oil for the really dry days.

I am also using Johnson’s eye make up removal pads, I am reviewing my skin are routine and thought I would trial the pads for a few weeks and see how effective they are.
I am also looking to expand my make up brush collection and will be researching some over the next few weeks.
I was also given a pair of Doc Martens for Christmas, I have no picture of them at the moment but they are the real deal! No knock off copies here, they are in pewter and are a thing of beauty and will be wearing them in for a few days.
What have you enjoyed using during 2013?

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