2013 a review

Like most I like to review the year that is just ending and reflect on the good and bad points and ensure that I approach the new year with no regrets just lessons learned.
I think I have felt the happiest yet:  I have the most amazing man in my life who looks after me very well;  I have some brilliant friends;  my family are wonderful; I am respected at work; I enjoy what I do and I don’t really have a care in the world.  What more could I ask for?

High points
I had many high points this year but there were a few stand out moments for me.
Firstly, ending my degree study and graduating.  I have mentioned my study journey before I never thought I would be able to achieve what I actually did.  I know I am not a total dunce and that although I found the degree hard at times I know that the hard work paid off.
My second high point was visiting the Space Center in Florida and being up close to Atlantis, I love all things to do with space and seeing the Space Shuttle and all the other exhibits was amazing.
Another high point was getting to the end of our first year of a new school, making new friends and helping the founding cohort on a new journey of discovery.  The elation knowing that we achieved great things in the first year, meeting like minded people was immense.
I was promoted and able to build up a team from scratch, a firm foundation for the future.

I went on a fantastic holiday, watched wild dolphins swim alongside the ship and fed stingrays by hand.  I cycled around an uninhibited Caribbean Island and met a Disney idol.
I was also happy to welcome 2 beautiful beings into my home extending my lovely family.

Low point.
Without getting personal and deep I was diagnosed with an illness at the beginning of the year, it was the one major low point of 2013.  It could have blighted me , it nearly held me back.  It was the love of my family that helped me through the worse times and although I have one or two bad days I have mostly good and I know I can keep getting better.

Hopes and wishes for 2014.
This is a tough one, I would like to study something else, maybe a counselling course to help others who have had a diagnosis like I had this year.  I would like to continue to help educate young minds whilst keeping my own mind alive.

2013 was a year of surprises and successes may 2014 be as enlightening.

Happy 2014 may all your own hopes and dreams become fulfilled this coming year.


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