So I have had an excellent few weeks using eBay. I have really decided to use these last few weeks to become less cluttered.  I also didn’t want to be looking at a pile of things I have no use for in 2014.

The first things to get put onto eBay were my Filofaxes, I love filofax but I had too many plus I had moved to tech planning at work and that in itself had led to me really looking around for tech to help my private life organization. I found an app called informant which is an electronic version of a filofax and I have been using this alongside paper planner for last few months with no issues. Last week I finally got him indoors to go electronic and added a joint calendar to all our devices which then made the filofax in the kitchen redundant.
I am sad to see some of the Filofaxes go, I had some gems in my collection but although they were loved they were redundant and I thought it would be about time they went to a loving home whilst I make a few pennies for myself.
I am still using the staples Arc system and I have the filofax flex system still in place, I can never move completely away from paper.
We went to see Hunger Games – Catching Fire today, we were a bit late getting on the bandwagon but it was the first Sunday we were free of other commitments. So glad we went as it has remained true to the book, the first film cut lots out but the 2 1/2 hours of Catching Fire held true to the second book. It was a fantastic film and I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it.
The shopping centre was busy but we had time it have a look around before the film and I think for the first time in years I felt truly festive. I guess it helps knowing I am staying home this year and that the 2 weeks off work will be restful and I can spend plenty of time with my loved ones.
I have tried a new varnish out, another OPI “peace & love & OPI” a two tone, plum/grey/lilac depending on the light, not very Christmassy but I like how it goes with everything and I know it’s going to match a Christmas gift I know I’m getting!

There are just 2 weeks of work left, the Christmas dinner is this Friday and I really think the students are looking forward to it as much as the staff.
I hope all your festivities planning are going well, don’t forget to take some time out for yourself.

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