November favorites

November has been a month of new discoveries and I thought it would be nice to share.

I have never been a fan of matt nail varnishes or varnishes that have a gritty feel to them……until now. I am not sure why I felt compelled to purchase a new nail varnish, I have a few already but I was drawn to ‘it’s all San Andrea’s fault’ from opi. It’s from their sand finishes range and well let’s face it the end result is a gritty matt varnish.

Despite the finish I love it, the colour is a lovely brown/fawn colour so can fit with anything you have in the wardrobe and because of the finish is very hard wearing. Opi uk have that and other varnishes in their San Francisco range  I am trying to switch up the nail varnish routine a bit now I have tried this, more matt versions are on the cards to buy now.

The other thing I have been loving is the pure twilight clock radio.  I had spent a long time eyeing up the unit, looking at reviews and prices weighing up whether getting a click radio that also had a sunrise/sad lamp set up was worth it. My initial thoughts are that it is an amazing bit of kit and plenty of functions to keep me happy and impressed.  The waking up is a pleasure now, the lamp comes on gradually and I am softly woken by that then the radio.  I like how it is a bed side lamp too and that you can change the lamp colours from white to soft greens, yellows, reds and oranges.

I purchased a new set of make up brushes this month. For years I have used MAC brushes and they have worn well.  I decided to put them into semi-retirement and started to look around at other options. There were many brush sets to choose from, a choice from cheap to very very expensive. After mulling it over for a few weeks I went with real techniques brushes What I liked about these brushes was the fact they are labeled with what they should be used for for example the contouring brush has contouring written on the handle. For someone with OCD this is a total thumbs up from me.  I also like how the handles are colour coded, gold for base, purple for eyes pink for the finishing touches like blush and highlight.  The bristles are soft synthetic so can be used for liquids, gels or powder.

Having used them for a few weeks I am really pleased with them.  They pick up product really well and I have a lovely smooth finish to my look.  They clean very well with no shedding of bristles.  The handles have flat bottoms and so can stand up on their own, making it easier for travelling.

For those who know me you would know I love space (yes I am a geek), last weekend we went to see Gravity and this weekend sees the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  Even Google have got in on the act with their banner.  There has been plenty on the tv to commemorate and tonight sees the BBC day of the doctor.  I really cannot wait, I have been a fan of Doctor Who since the days of Tom Baker (yes you can now tell how old I am), I used to hide behind the sofa when the daleks came on.  When the BBC decided to bring back Doctor Who with Christopher Eccleston I was really excited and once again I was hooked.  I have liked every Doctor since Ecclestom but I like Matt Smith, he fits the role so well and I am truly disappointed that he is leaving at Christmas.  I am not sure who I feel about the new Doctor replacing Smith, Peter Capaldi.  Capaldi is a good actor but is he right for the new Doctor?  My niece and I discussed this during the summer when it was announced Capaldi was taking over and we both decided to keep an open mind and see ho he is on the first episode.  I will be honest when I heard Matt Smith was taking over I was unsure I decided to keep an open mind and wow he to me was the best Doctor!

Talking about TV I have also been liking Strictly Come Dancing, I know it didn’t start in November but it becomes really good this time of year when the ‘comedy’ dancers have left.  I watch it every year, I love the glitter, outfits, make up and the actual dancing.  I am not sure who I want to win yet.  Another  TV show I love is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, you can tell we are close to Christmas when this comes on every year.  Ant and Dec really make this show, without them I don’t think it would be good especially when they take the mick out of the ‘celeb’ including Joey Essex who is “sick at counting I used to do it all the time”. 

I have also discovered American Horror, hmmm I like and dislike horror in equal measure.  I hate really bloody horror with no decent story line.  With this series there is a bit of gore but it is central to the theme and the story that runs through the series.  In the UK it is now on season 3 and the sub heading is coven, so you can guess its about witches and witchcraft this season. 

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