The Glossy Wishlist

It’s that time of the month when I come home and find my latest Glossy Box waiting for me (see for how it works).

This month contained a hand cream from Yves Rocher ( part if their collection cacao range that smelt like a chocolate orange.  I liked the packaging with this product and it looked as if it should smell of chocolate, I was please it did!

The scent like I say was chocolate orange and although I really like this scent I could see how this could clash with the other scents I choose to wear, it could also become sickly after a while. The texture was nice and my hands did not feel too greasy after use which is a big plus for me when on the go all the time.

The next item I turned my attention to was the elegant touch nail pads I see this range as an ‘old school range’ I have used these before so before opening the packaging I knew what to expect.  

This is a great item to use when traveling or to keep in the desk drawer at work, I loathe chipped nail varnish and I absolutely hate getting chips when at work.

The third item I looked at was from Gosh Cosmetics ( a lipstick from their velvet touch range in shade ‘Sundown’.

I will be honest I saw the colour upon opening and thought OMG when am I going to wear that?However, I swatched it on the back of my hand and it didn’t look so scary.  It is orange but fairly sheer and it does feel lovely on the lips.  Not keen on the packaging, it looked cheap and not the normal style of lipstick packaging I go for, maybe better suited to teenagers.

The next item was an eye shadow from Emite Make Up (  A gorgeous black, highly pigmented shadow that felt absolutely lovely on.  

This eye shadow is free from oil, nickel, parabens and perfume.  The packaging is simple in its design, the plastic container thinner than a MAC eyeshadow container but the size of the shadow was about the same size as one from MAC.  I know I will get a lot of use from this shadow over the next few months.

The last item was from Vichy ( it’s their first skin idealiser called Idealia Life Serum, helping to transform the appearance of the skin’s quality.  I liked how this had been put together by glossybox 3 small boxes in a pink gauze bag.  

I will be looking forward to using this item over the next few days, hoping for no breakouts.

I must say I like how glossybox are now packaging their boxes, the magazine is just right with a few snippets of information and a card with the details of the products in the box.

I will be honest I have had better months from them with better products, in most cases I have gone out and repurchased the item after using is in the monthly box that to me is what glossybox is all about.
In other make up news I am back using MAC paint pots and loose pigments, now I have reorganized my makeup I have found changing my make up products around far easier and not just sticking to the same old same old.  The MAC Christmas range has been released and I had a good look at their gift products last weekend whilst out Christmas shopping and like every year I could pick out many items I would like to receive this Christmas.
Since getting back to work it has been very busy, we are still waiting for ofsted to come in and we are on tender hooks until they do finally turn up.
I had also been nominated for an award, I was shocked to be nominated but also pleased that my hard work had been recognized.  The school days are long but every day is different, some more challenging than others but I wouldn’t swap it for the world.
I also had a house guest for a few days and that can always throw my routine out a bit.
I know it’s still mid November but I made a start on the Christmas shopping, I have a lot of people to buy for this year and I can’t do it all on 1 pay packet so I made a start at the weekend and I will be honest I feel quite proud of myself as I manged to get a number of key gifts in 1 go. That means the next shopping trip won’t be stressful and could even be completed on line.
Have you made a start to your Christmas gift shopping? Or are you a last minute person?  Whatever you are enjoy the build up to the festivities and stay safe.


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