Mixtures of madness and loss

Well its good to be back next to the computer.  The last few months have been crazy, busy but for the most truly enjoyable.

So for the last few months I have been getting my head down at work and getting my personal life into order and I guess you could say I have been successful on both counts.

Work has been mad since September, we are due an OFSTED visit before Christmas, newly opened educational establishments expect a visit before the end of term four.  This half term marked the half way point to the end of term four, I guess the next seven weeks will be interesting.
So we have new staff to meet the growing demands of the school and a new intake, we have 363 students now 180 year eight (our original intake) and 183 new year seven’s.  As staff we strive to provide a great education to our students sometimes we find ourselves providing this outstanding education against a backdrop of varying attitudes.  Most of our students come from good strong homes with good decent role models around them but I know that is not the case everywhere.  Society has changed a great deal from when I was at school, from what I remember we had to work hard at school, there was no easy option to get what was wanted, no quick fix.  My parents were the baby boomers, born after the second world war, they grew up knowing what it was like to go without, to work hard and that ethic rubbed off on me and my peers.  These days I do see parents who have not matured enough to provide decent boundaries for their children, I see children watching modern culture e.g ‘quick fame’ like x factor or ‘I want to be famous for no reason’ Big Brother, and aspire to be famous whether they have a talent or not.  Don’t get me wrong, nothing wrong with aiming high but you still have to work hard at what you want and have a back up plan.
I think I am lucky doing the job I do, working with young people helping them grow and aspire to have hopes and dreams and working with them to achieve their utmost.  Its also a responsible job what happens between the ages of 11-16 could shape that persons future, making it better or worse.
Working in education means no two days are the same and I see that I am helping educate a future, doctor, lawyer, banker, nurse, inventor etc amazing.
The new intake have really kept my department on their toes, I have employed a good set of people into my team and I know they have had to hit the ground running, just like I had to last year.  We have come across some really interesting students this year all with differing needs all needing assistance in one form or another.  I love my job, even on the tough days, I love the people I work with and I really love the vision and the ethos of the school.

Back in September I had my graduation, it really hit home what I had achieved since 2009.  The moment I put my robes on I felt on top of the world, the feeling was indescribable little old me with a degree!  I walked up on stage after my name was called, hearing the applause from my family knowing that I had made them proud.  I met an idol of mine Dr Lucy Worsley, she was there receiving an honorary degree and was on stage when I received my degree, I turned to her and said I was huge fan and shook her hand.  That day will remain with me for a very long time.

My little babies have been keeping me on my toes too, they bring me daily joy and pictures have been posted onto twitter.  Maybe I will post some on my next blog.

Lastly, my Nan passed away at the beginning of October, she was my last living Grandparent.  Although her passing was very sad I take comfort in the fact that she is no longer suffering, the last few years were hard for her, she had no quality of life and had many things wrong with her.  Doctors kept saying for the last few years how lucky she was to still be alive but her time had come.  The funeral was held at Corbets Tey and was very simple, my favourite hymn was sung, the entrance and exit music was beautiful, things were designed with simplicity in mind.  Lovely details of her life were mentioned, her work during the war driving an ambulance, meeting Granddad in the NAFFI and being very happy with him and how they had produced 8 children and numerous grandchildren and now even great grandchildren.  Her funeral brought together a fragmented family from every corner for a few hours together.  As I type there is a picture of Nan and Granddad behind me and their wedding picture (with my Great Granddads and Great Grandmothers) in front of me and I take comfort in knowing they are together watching over us all.  God bless Nan x.


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