Taking care of business

“Taking Care of Business” – Bachman-Turner Overdrive was the wake up call on flight day 2 for the STS-103 crew.  Why am I referring to that you may wonder?  Allow me to explain, Space Shuttle Discovery launched on 19 December 1999 and I was lucky enough to be in Florida at that time, this was the first time I was in the States and that visit has stayed with me, even though I have been back many times since.  I like Discovery, the name comes from a Ship commanded by Captain James Cook, those in the know would know he lived not very far from where I live now.  Discovery is now parked up near Dulles Airport and has flown over Virgina, another reason why Discover is close to my heart.  Anyway since then I have been lucky enough to be up close and personal with Space Shuttle Atlantis and read about the journey of many brave men and women who ventured further than this planet, some sadly never made it back.  Brave people like Captain Cook hundreds of years ago left what was familiar to discover new lands and hundreds of years later brave people once again ventured out and explored space.  I find it amazing that people felt strong and brave enough to set of across the seas to unknown places to explore and discover and centuries later to be launched into space to discover what lies beyond.

We all need to keep that sense of adventure and also have the drive to push us into discovering more, doing more, this is something that as an educator I am keen to keep doing for myself but also keen to encourage the students to do.
As the new school year begins I want to keep that sense of adventure I felt this time last year and bring that to this school year.  What was achieved in the last year was amazing and we will never have another year like it but we can make this year even better.  So I have taken care of business and I am all set ready to get going.  I have a new team about to join me and I am ready for anything, braver and stronger than I was before.  I am glad to be moving forward and I am so very positive about the future.  I have a lot of people to be thankful to but I also have to acknowledge that I have also contributed through grit and hard work.

For those who follow on Twitter you would have seen that I have also got new members of my family, I am so thrilled and it has been very exciting.


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