School’s out

For those who read my twitter feed you would have seen that the final days of school was an emotional time for us all.  I think from the staff point of view we had realised how much we had collectively achieved and what a year we had.  The last few days consisted of school trips and on uniform days for the students and high fives (inside joke) with the staff.

The students will need the 6 weeks to recharge before they embark on year 8 and the staff need the time to recover before we greet an ever expanding school in September.

School ended with us staff sending the students off at lunchtime and then going off to have a bbq complete with speeches and some tears followed by a well deserved night out.
As I write this I look back over the months with fondness, I have made some good friends since September and I feel so proud of myself and my new friends.  When I go back in September I now I can deal with whatever is thrown at me, it will never be as harsh as it was in the very early days of the school

In other news, the OU graduation ceremony has been booked along with the gown and the other bits and bobs that go with such a thing.  Again I look back and I feel so proud of what I have achieved with regard to study.  It was not easy but I am the first in my family to have completed a degree and the tears, heartache and sheer hard work has been worth it as its all over now, all that’s left is celebration.  I have not got my official result yet but I was urged to book, so book I did.  I have decided that I need to leave the study behind now, I don’t need to battle any further and everything have fallen into place, I could not wished for better.

This week sees a royal baby being born to Kate and William, a boy, like last year with the Olympics the country seemed to join together and rejoice.  The excitement from where I was seemed to seep through everything and even the hardest person seemed to soften by this news.

The last few months have been very exciting for me and things continue to be joyful and exciting, I look forward to being able to share some of the good news with you soon but in the meantime lets just enjoy the sunshine.


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