Made the right choice

For those who follow me on twitter you would have seen that the last month or so has been very exciting personally for me with lots of wonderful things happening each and every day.
Its been great to share the amazing ride with you and my fantastic friends and family.

To add to this wonderful time summer has officially started, the last week or so has been hot, bright and sunny.  This has given me the chance to enjoy the sunshine and relax.

In other news the school has had many land marks to celebrate alongside my own.  We took the whole school to Cambridge to see the universities and the many opportunities available there.  We also had our first sports day and it was amazing to see the students and staff once again bond together.  Our first summer fayre and year 6 transition day.  We were invited to the book awards and our big band played at the Barbican. This week sees the school venture into Kent to enjoy Rochester.
We had our second residential weekend and a video was played of our first year, it brought many a tear to lots of us, we have come on so far and met each hurdle and joy with energy and grace.
Its hard to put into words how much we have achieved in the year but it has been wonderful and I know that the choice I made a year ago to join this academy was the right choice.  My new team has been picked and are ready for the next stage of their life, I am super excited about heading this wonderful team and they are excited to be joining me on this trip!
I cannot believe that we have just one week left time has really flown.

Its all good, stay blessed.


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