I was wrong….

How often do we really admit we are wrong?  This post shows that I was wrong as I now realise that what happened at the beginning of March was for the best.  I totally agree with the decisions that were made I was wrong to fight it and it has enabled me to have the new fresh start that was needed. March was the catalyst to new things and new people.

Since my last post I have celebrated my birthday and my penultimate paper is nearly ready leaving me about 6 weeks to complete my final paper.  My thoughts turn to my graduation which I am looking forward to, as my post back in August last year (click here for recap) getting the degree is up there on my list of achievements along with the other stuff mentioned back in August, I am proud of what I have achieved in my life.  This degree is something that has been hard work, required dedication and to be honest I wanted to give up at times as the pressures around me were too much but I am glad I stuck it out and now that I am on the home stretch I look back and I can say that I did it, the reward is mine and for that I a so happy!  Another thing to tick off my life list at long last.  The Easter school break was helpful with achieving the goals with regard to study but it hasn’t been all study during the break. 🙂
So for my birthday I got lots of lovely gifts, things that were on my good girl birthday list and jewellery I was spoilt and I had a lovely day, felt very pleased with myself.
I also decided to open up my Facebook account after it had been closed for a year, (long story as to why it was closed but suffice to say there are fruit loops about) and it is heartening to see how many people I have on there.  I am planning to close my google+ account as I find google+ a pain to work with and I don’t need it really with Facebook.
I am looking forward to the Summer term, this is the downhill bit knowing that at the end is a luscious 6 week holiday and once again I will be looking forward to those 6 weeks.  The plans are unfolding for me nicely at work and I am happy in the knowledge I have made the right choices with regard to career and study.
Once the term is underway I plan to go and get a pet, I once had 2 cats but they both sadly died.  I would like a dog but I am not sure that is possible unless I get the family to buy into that but at the very least I will get a cat.  I am going to look into rescue centres over the next few weeks.

One final thing, yesterday Margaret Thatcher passed away after a stroke, firstly when hearing this news I thought of my nan, same age and also has had strokes.  Secondly, I saw the passing of the era I grew up in, Thatcher shaped my teenage years and help me define who I was when I started work.  Like her or loathe her she stood firm in her beliefs and you cannot knock that.  Thatcher also has a backbone that some in government could do with today, she had courage when others fell by the wayside.  There was a lot of hate on social networking sites yesterday it seems not many liked Thatcher but I believe that the only woman Prime Minister we had showed us women that we could hold a high position.  Women could move away from being in the background and have a position of power should we want to.  Thatcher also opened up the City for people with backgrounds like mine to work in, if it wasn’t for her I would never have had that investment job.  If it wasn’t for Thatcher I would not have been in a position now of owning my own home today.  Thatcher did get some things wrong, lets face it we all do from time to time but if it wasn’t for Maggie the world would be a different today and maybe not for the better, despite what some may say.  Maggie allowed investment into the Docklands when it was needed and this opened up investment in other areas too.  OK so she took away milk from school children but I have to be very honest I was at primary school when she did this and I hated drinking the milk that was dished out, I always drank a bit and sneaked the bottle back into the crate almost full still!!  I remember the poll tax riots and although I was young I could understand why people were unhappy I am also aware that if we can pay our way we should pay our way, whether it was rates, poll tax or council tax services need to be paid for in a fair manner.  So like I say like her or loathe her Maggie Thatcher earned her place in history and for that she needs to be respected, we also need to remember when saying nasty things about her she was also someones mum and grandmother, I for one would hate having nasty things said about my mother or grandmother after their passing.

Enjoy the spring!


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