Now moving on

Its been an up and down few weeks, the last two were difficult and in among all the turmoil I had an OU paper to hand in. The fact that I was able to get it in a day before the due date was a feat in itself but it was done. I am up to date with the whole study thing for the first time this year and its a good feeling which means that I have cleared the way for the weekend. Happy days.
I need to let the OU know very soon who I would like at my graduation, I think I am allowed 3 people such a shame as I knew who I wanted to go with me but times have changed now.

I had some good news yesterday, I am being promoted at the end of this school year. Its for a position I had half an idea on and it appealed to me so I have decided to accept it and work on that for the next few years which means that the plans I had put in place for after my study ended mid May have changed. I don’t need the second degree or the GTP placement for the moment so I am happy that the study is stopping in less than 2 months. This means I can get on with the other important things in life like having a life!!!!
Normally I would thank the people who have supported me to this point and I would have said that I could not have done it without their help support and understanding over the months and years but unfortunately some of the people I would have thanked could not be bothered to hang about for the good times so alas I cannot express my gratitude.  However, I will thank those who are still around and look forward to the future with them instead.  Exciting times ahead.

Yesterday was also a good day in the sense that 180 students travelled across London by PUBLIC TRANSPORT NO LESS and they all got back all in one piece with no casualties.  More brownie points.

Today is comic relief day and the students are in good spirits along with the staff, money being raised is always a good thing.

One last thing, on line things like facebook, xbox, etc is a wonderful thing for communication and meeting like minded people but it always has a chance to catch up on you if you are doing something wrong!  Always treat others how you expect to be treated yourself! Otherwise you might end up with a moose!!


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