Overcoming nerves and being busy

Its been a whirlwind two weeks since my last post but I am glad to say that half term is upon me and its time to regroup and recharge.

Since my last post I have been lucky enough to escort the year 7’s to see Romeo and Juliet at the Royal Festival Hall with music from London Philharmonic Orchestra, thanks to the BrightSparks series http://www.lpo.org.uk/education/schools_brightsparks.html#ks3.  It was an amazing morning and by and large the students behaved really well considering most have never been to an event like that.  It was a morning that will stay with me for some time as it was captivating to watch and listen to.

I have also had to help lead a CPD session something that I was totally dreading, I hate standing up in front of my peers (who are amazing and well spoken and very clever) and deliver a presentation.  Ever since I had been told I had a strong Essex accent I have hated public speaking.  The session went well and has provided me with grounding for the big one that I have to lead on the 25 February, now if I can combat the nerves for that I can do anything.  I am looking for hints on how to combat nerves and awkwardness when public speaking, its different when in front of a class as I just get on with it but in front of adults feels much harder.  if anyone has any good tips for overcoming nerves I would be grateful.

I also had to cover for one of the PE teachers by accompanying the year 7’s to a swim gala.  The pool was where I had first learnt to swim all those years ago and where I did my first mile swim and five mile swim.  I also saw some of my old colleagues and students (who still called me miss).  The girls swam really well and despite it being a very long afternoon they behaved very well and I got extra brownie points for taking them.

Work has been very stressful these past few weeks, it would be a lie if I said otherwise.  The hours are long and although everyone is great some are nicer than others I am finding it hard to ignore the trumpet blowers.  I cannot stand those who feel the need to blow their own trumpet every five minutes or take credit for work they have not done themselves.  That happened to me this week, after working hard to put together a lesson for another member of staff that member of staff took the credit, I wont allow that to happen again.  There are members of staff who are so supportive of me and others are they are fantastic and they don’t feel the need to trumpet blow every five minutes and I hope these people get the rewards they deserve.  I was observed this week ofsted style and I passed with an outstanding, but its not easy being watched closely and I do strive to do a good job, I am there for the students and I don’t want to let them down.  It is thanks to the supportive staff that I can do my job as best as I can and I know I don’t need hand holding.
I was also shadowed for two days this week, something I absolutely hated as it was hard enough to do my job plus look after this person and make sure they were OK.  This person wants a job at my place but I am not sure it would be a good move due to lack of experience but who am I to decide on that??  A nice person but they were not sure what they wanted for a career, until they are sure then surely its best for the students to keep clear until they know?

The weight loss journey is going slowly, I have reached my first mini target this week and it has provided me the push to keep going but it is very hard when having to eat at certain times, not when I am hungry and hard as I HAVE TO eat the school meals as nice as they are they are energy rich.

I am sticking with my Filofax systems for the time being but added to the Arc system at work, I am using 2 A4 pads one leather and one normal and A5 leather.  The three pads are doing a fantastic job and have organised my clubs, day to day, lesson plans and calendar in a way that I can keep up with.  Disc bound systems are amazing and I keep thinking in the back of my mind that’s what I should be using instead of a Filofax but I am hanging on with the Filofax system for a while longer as its not actually failing me right me but we are only in month two of the year so it is still early days.  It would not surprise me if Filofax branch into a disc bound system at some point as the Arc seems to have become popular with those who like organisation without the failure.  Youtube show some great sets ups for both Arc and Filofax, worth looking at over the week.  Any comments regarding Arc v Filofax set up would be gratefully received.

Have a great week


One thought on “Overcoming nerves and being busy”

  1. Nice post! I hear you about the trumpet blowers. Very frustrating! As far as nerves go when speaking…I have the same issue. What works for me is that if I know my material really well then I feel more confident. If I do not know my material well and do not rehearse often then I don't feel comfortable. Also, try to keep in mind that you have knowledge that others want so you are already ahead of the game. This used to disturb me greatly, thinking that the audience knows more than I do. But I was once told by a smart person that if they knew as much or more than you do, then they would be speaking. Plus, even if they also know the subject matter, everyone walks away with one pearl of information at every presentation they go to. I never leave a presentation without gaining some new insight. So just remember that for the moment, YOU are the expert and you are sharing information. Also, not sure if you are enthused about the subject matter or not. But if you can find some enthusiasm for the subject matter or even one aspect of the subject and you pour your passion for it into your presentation, peoploe will respond. Passion for learning from the audience catches on when the speaker projects that passion onto them. Not sure if that helps much. Practice, practice, practice. Find a few friendly faces in the audience to make eye contact with and smile during your presentation. Don't forget to take deep breaths before you speak and pause every once in a while during the speech to gather your thoughts. I don't know if you are being judge on your style of presenting or just the subject matter. For me, I tried to concentrate on presenting the subject in the warmest, approachable way I could. I knew my limitations so I did not try to make jokes or interject too much 'off the cuff' comments least I forget my place. However, I did use alot of anecdotal information during my presentations. People like to hear stories and if you can share one or two poignant stories to support your subject matter you will capture and hold their attention. Good luck!

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