Looking forward

Its been a quiet two weeks thankfully, allowing me to focus my time on the things that needed to be focused on right now and to think of tactics for the next few months.  A chance to look forward and keep to goals.

Slimming world is going just fine for me, its slow but sure progress and I think that’s the best way.  I am still not well enough to hit the gym, I am still breathless and in the really cold weather my chest still feels tight.  Really annoying as I need to get to the gym, after all its an expense that needs to be dealt with.
I decided to purchase a “colour a month” daily diary from moleskine to use as my food diary.  Great little item that can be slotted into my Filofax for when at work, or on my desk at home.
Each day is split between Breakfast; lunch; dinner and snacks, at the top of the page is a A and B choice in accordance with the slimming world plan and at the bottom is the syns and the total.
Plenty of space on the page to even include a note regarding how I feel should I feel the need.

On the study front since the day school last Saturday I have got my act together, the tutorials were great and I got the gist of where I have been going wrong.  The study still isn’t easy but at least I know what to focus on to get the better marks.  I have a phone tutorial today to ensure I am on the right track.  I intend to get to the Saturday tutorials in future, I have been silly enough to neglect them and I need to make the most of the remaining sessions.  I have reread some of my “how to” books such as “how to write essays & assignments” and “study skills for dummies”. I thought that although I am nearing the end of this degree I needed to refresh my writing style, especially after the feedback from my last TMA.  Its a scary feeling knowing that I am nearing the end of this degree with only 4 papers left.
I have decided that once I have finished this degree I want to start another one, providing my family agrees too! Yes just for my entertainment and hair pulling ha ha.  I enjoy the focus once I am focused on study and I don’t ever want to get stale, the fees have gone up and I am worried I may not be able to afford it but I am looking into it and hoping I can figure out if I can afford it somehow.

I have seen a pair of duo boots I like and I am hoping to get them for work, although they look high they are a platform sole and I need all the height I can get maybe I may get them for my birthday, if I ask nicely. 
Another birthday gift I wouldn’t mind would be another customised bag from Rickshaw.  I have the skinny commuter and have recently fell back in love with the versatility of it for work and when I go to tutorials.  I would like another one in a different colour range and full size instead of skinny for the days I need to carry more.  The only downside is the shipping to the UK but maybe if I am good I may get one for my birthday.

Finally, work is going OK, its so busy right now but I am attempting to balance things better whilst there.  Each day is different and although I get down about some things I also know I cannot control certain things and I am slowly learning to let go. I have been at this place 6 months now and I feel confident every day I made the right move to join.  My old place has been in the news recently and it has left me shocked and upset, I can’t and wont go into details here but I am so glad I am no longer part of that place and where I am now is different.  I really do feel that I am moving forward, steps in the right direction.

This blog should have been posted two weeks ago just found it in my drafts! D-oh


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