A week of arranging

Its half term which means lots of lesson planning, studying, arranging the study again as it looks a tip, ebaying my items and hopefully back to the gym.

First I have a gym fail, I was booked for a training session but I had a bad night and my back and head were hurting this morning so I cancelled and will go later this week, a shame but I have to listen to what this (failing) body is telling me.

I have reorganised my study and hopefully made it more streamlined, meaning I have my OU study books nearer to hand, books for work elsewhere but not too far for lesson planning.
I decided to use my A5 red domino as my book review and blog ideas filo. I have to submit book reviews for work to help the students decide what to read. My school actively encourages the students to read and us adults have to lead by example. Not that I have a problem with that as absolutely love reading but the issue I have is keeping tabs on what I have read, views on what I have read and what I want to read. So using the kindness of Philofaxy I printed off some of their files, if you are interested in some of their templates please click here these pages have now been added to my Domino, the reviews will be filed there to help me with keeping my views updated.
As much as I love the A5 size I find the inserts from Filofax sadly lacking by A5 is a good size to print out and therefore customisation is an option.  As a result I have also designed my own study planner page to fit my daily A5 that will sit alongside my week on 2 pages diary within my filofax.  I am seriously considering getting a zipped Holborn A5, there are not many about now in the colour I want but I love the Holborn range so much I will investigate my options there.
I have split my current set up between work and personal under their respective tabs.  Right now I have the following tabs:-
To do Personal
To do Work
Projects Personal
Projects Work
Information Personal
Information Work

The tabs are currently blank whilst I consider this set up, if I am happy I will ink the tabs.

With the clocks going back and the cold weather settling in my thoughts turn to the next year and goals and aspirations that I may have for 2013.  I hope that my degree will be complete in 2013 and I can turn to some different study that isn’t against the clock.  Tomorrow is a big study day and as I don’t want to get distracted with things around the home I am camping it out at the local library, I hope its warm in there.


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