Back off

It’s all gone slightly wrong.  I was getting back into the gym session when suddenly right at the beginning of BOKWA yesterday I put my back out.  I wouldn’t mind but I only did about 2 minutes of actual exercise and spend the rest of the hour having first aid applied and being completely embarrassed by the whole thing.
Problem being that the back is a huge part of the body and we never think much of it until it hurts.  My job today has been a total chore, I can’t help the kids as I would have liked, it takes me about 5 minutes to sit down and another 15 for the spasms to stop once seated.  Even stopping at red lights caused pain.
I am hoping with lots of heat and painkillers I am on the road to recovery by the morning, I can’t cope with the lack of sleep for much longer and I will end up getting high (or addicted) to the painkillers.

On another note half term is just a week away. Never has a half term been so looked forward to as this one has.  I love my job, absolutely love it and I really like the staff and kids I work with but it has been so full on for 8 weeks.  Need to recharge the batteries ready for the run up to Christmas and help the students climb the levels they need to climb.
I need to also study during the weeks break and catch up on some module reading that I have let slide whilst drafting my first TMA.

On a final note, kindle bah! A few months ago I purchased the touch only to see a new version paper white has been released this week, how annoying, is it worth the upgrade?? I love my kindle its a great little item so the fact there is a better version coming out is annoying.  I will have to check the reviews and decide.


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