My Pennybridge

My red A5 Pennybridge was finally collected from the Post Office, I was so excited to get it home and set it up.

Out of the box first impressions are that it is a nice filofax/ipad combo but there are a few little niggles with it.
Firstly, although the filofax part comes apart from the rest of the cover the back cover to the filofax is ugly and for that reason I would not want to carry it around on its own.  The front is lovely as is the rest of the case but this back part is just too unsightly.  It is like a black glossy card that does not blend well with the red on the front and spine.
Secondly, the pen loop is attached to the case not to the filofax so if you did want to carry around the filofax on its own you need to carry a pen separately.
Two niggles so far.

I like the idea that it can be separated out and have the filofax on its own when needed and if there are other models that do not look so ugly when separated I would be interested.
When the ipad is in, the whole thing is big and heavy but I guessed that would be the case anyway.  I don’t always want to carry the ipad everywhere but to be honest because of the back cover issue and lack of pen loop I am not happy about using the filofax on its own when I don’t need the ipad.
The ipad sits in it very nicely and feels very secure and it is nice to have it alongside a paper diary.  So I may have to change the usage of it to being desk based permanently and think of another carry round filofax that is A5.

After next week I hope to update how I have finally set up my new friend and will be able to post some pictures (I hope).

I like the A5 size, to me it means I can now join together my study diary and personal diary and not have to carry to personal sized filofaxes around, means I haven’t got to write things out twice either.  I like the space you get with an A5, plenty of diary room and the note pages are a great size.  I have even been able to slot in a Livescribe pad into the set up and use that for study.  I am concerned that there isn’t as much available refill wise for the A5 filofaxes, but being A5 it is easier to print things out and keep them unlike the personal.  The A5 is great for multi tasking and to be honest it isn’t much heavier than my personal when the ipad is at home.

I just need to look at the other A5 filofax styles to see if there is something that suits.  I love my personal Holborn (wine colour zipped) and Holborn (personal black slim) so maybe another Holborn but in A5.

Over these past few weeks I have realised how essential it is to be organised, I don’t just mean with study and personal life but with work too as it is so full on.  I still like the flex system for work and I love the A5 size for that.  It is slim to carry about and it is so versatile.

I will be ebaying some of my filofaxes soon, Cuban zipped personal size and a personal size Malden are to go I will post when they are up.

I am back in the gym again tonight, spin class and I am hoping now work has calmed a bit I can get back in even more.


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