Flexing my organisational skills

It’s been a manic few weeks hence the silence on blog.

The new job although absolutely amazing is also full on and very tiring and as a result I had been left with little time to do much else.

The school is what I had hoped it would be, fully supportive to the students and staff alike and if I had a child I would want them to go there as the system is so great, everyone gets a chance and no labels! I felt very strongly in the past about a child being labelled throughout their school life, sometimes a student cannot help themselves and will always be off track but others make one mistake and they are labelled for the next 5 or so years.

My penultimate Open University course is now over and I am on the final module with a big sigh of relief as its back to literature now. I have finished reading Harry Potter today and ready to write my first TMA for EA300 and I hope now I have made this good start I can keep it up for the whole course.  I have looked at what to study in the future, fingers crossed this time next year I will have  degree in English Language and Literature but I want to progress on and make sure I don’t become stale.  I will want to study for another degree that holds professional interest as well as private like Psychology

I went back to the gym for the first time in a few weeks too, it was hard work and I am so aware (if I wasn’t before) on how I have let things slip so much there. I was slightly annoyed with my gym, nobody’s fault really as such but it has led me to stop my personal training sessions. I liked training with Mike and my stopping my sessions is no reflection on him but a reflection on the expenses heaped on by my gym. The gym without PT sessions is expensive enough and the price increased greatly this year for nothing extra, in fact some things had been taken away from my membership. When I got a text to say that Mikes fees were going to increase I knew I couldn’t go on any more paying these sums of money out. On reflection I did like having a personal training but I can achieve the same results by classes and focus myself. I just need to make sure I factor my gym sessions in with study and work and everything else.

I feel that I have not had a great balance for the last month and I have also allowed other negative things to creep in, but now that stops. These last few weeks I have had numerous headaches and migraines, some so crippling all I can do is crawl to bed. This was a wakeup call to my mental and physical health and has put me back on the right path. I hope that I now become mentally strong and able to hold down my lovely job whilst continuing my studying and physically strong to cope with the day to day trauma my job can bring whilst getting back to the gym.

With everything that’s been going on I have had to review my organisation. I used to use an A5 Domino filofax for work, I have found this to be slightly impractical on a day to day basis in my new role but I have found a saviour, an A5 filofax flex. Who would have thought it?? I was anti flex when it first came out, but looking around for organisation ideas I revisited the flex system and wondered if this could be the answer. Found one in a sale a pink one (although they call it magenta) and I have not looked back since, used daily I make notes with regards to the students or lessons I am in, I slot the lesson plans for the day inside the note book and the calendar is there for the daily briefing. Then once a week if I want to, I move what I need to my Domino. The jot pad is my to do list as well as other things I need to focus on, e.g. book recommendations from the students or ideas for merit giving. It’s slim enough to pop into my resource folder (as I don’t carry my handbag around anymore) but easy to get to when I need it.

I had a major organisational issue with my personal diaries/work diaries/study diaries that cause many an issue for me that took ages to resolve. It was down to an electronic organisation; thank goodness I had my personal Holborn to fall back on. Basically in a nut shell I started to use Google calendar for study as that’s what the OU used for a study diary and decided to use that for the work diary when desk based with the flex as a carry round. Trying to link my Blackberry to the Google diary meant I lost everything everywhere, I was in bits and it took hours to get back. It meant that I realised that no matter what the humble filofax can never be replaced. However, I wanted to embrace new technology, after all I love my Blackberry and Ipad, how to amalgamate them all I wondered? Luckily for me the filofax website had the answer, I saw the Pennybridge A5 it’s the best of all worlds. I collect the parcel from the post office tomorrow so I can’t blog about the set up yet but I have high hopes. At this point I would like to thank Parcelforce for the limited ways of getting my parcel from Filofax. Parcelforce tried to deliver during the week, I wasn’t in (at work) so they took it away instead of trying a neighbour like my postman or yodel do. Parcelforce don’t redeliver if they have taken the parcel at a local post office and the local post office isn’t work hour friendly. It has been rather frustrating getting my parcel and for me to get it tomorrow means I have to leave work early just so I can get there before the post office closes. Annoying and not my fault but I have to take the time out to get something I have paid a lot for. Maybe Parcelforce need to review their delivery options or Filofax UK need to try other methods of delivery.

Back to the Pennybridge, I will have the option of just having the filofax or having the filofax with the Ipad and my phone is always with me anyway, so the best of everything. I cannot wait to set it up properly tomorrow evening. I will be moving from personal size to A5 and I am not sure who that pans out and I love my Holborn and I am very sad that won’t be in action. However, upon reflection the Pennybridge although used day to day could be left at home a fair bit so the Holborn will still be used on the days when I don’t need the Pennybridge. Maybe Filofax need to make a Holborn version that also takes the Ipad, if they every do I will be first in the queue!! I am keen to know of anyone else who has successfully switched from a personal size Filofax to A5 and if it was worth the extra weight and size.


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