OK OK I have not kept this updated.  Let me explain why.  The last few weeks (including this week) have been a series of new and fresh starts, as a result I had to focus on these new starts before being in a position to embrace the things I already had in place.

New/fresh starts include:

New job (started Monday)
New school year
New car (collected last Wednesday)
New Uni module EA300

3 days into the new role and I am overwhelmed to say the least and I have to-do lists coming out of my ears.  I have ordered a new pack of A5 filofax to-do lists for my work filofax and they arrived today, so I will amalgamate them into my red Domino tomorrow if I get the chance.  I will then focus on what actually needs to be done over the next two weeks as opposed to the panic “everything needs to be done by tomorrow” approach I appeared to have adopted whilst knowing it all can’t be done in an hour or so!

So last week I collected my new car (its a beauty) and basically dashed around knowing I was back in the work place this week.  There was not a chance to relax and enjoy the last moments of August, but I guess that’s the same for everyone who works in education and I cant complain as I had a great break at the beginning of the 6 weeks.

The stress leading up to the first day of new job meant cluster headaches and sleepless nights.  I am pleased to report the headaches have since left me but the sleepless nights are still a burden.  I am looking at all this in a positive light, I think this is all very character building and I discovered today that I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed, so its a case that we are “all in it together”, I think I will like my new colleagues!  I do feel supported in this new workplace, unlike in my old place (my old department aside) I hope that support continues but I also feel that I am not worthy or good enough for this role.  Right now I have information overload and I am like a fish out of water.
OK OK I am out of my comfort zone and I guess life is about pushing yourself so you find yourself out of your comfort zone more and more to build confidence and provoke resourcefulness in ourselves.  I also have to push the students to be pushing themselves out of their comfort zone too so hey we can all character build together and I hope that creates bonds.  Its the new style of learning that has worked in other schools but I just need to learn and understand it myself. Its all based on The Learning Powered School by Guy Claxton the head is a huge fan and I can see why as the results seem to speak for themselves but I have to see the process in action before I can fully understand it.
The school has high expectations of its staff and students and I just don’t want to fail hence the sleepless nights.  We have 14 days of inset before the students start, we are at day 3 so I just have to ride it out and see where the journey takes me.
The school building is a new build and simply a joy to look at, a glistening vision in the early morning sunlight as I drive down the slip road to the beautiful car park (I appreciate school car parks more as its lovely having a space, I didn’t in my last place and I wasn’t made to feel at all worthy of a space as I was “only support” considering that I carried more stuff to and from work each day I thought it would have been nice to have been offered a space every now and then).  Anyway back to the school building, outside is a gleaming beacon of educational hope and as you go inside its like being hit over the head by a purple and lime baton.  Visually the colours are stimulating and vibrant and as you go around the school there is a sense of understanding why these colours work together and what they mean, a purple door means staff only, a lime door means access to students, it stops the no entry signage that schools use so often.  The corridors are wide and light and currently the space is amazing, the freshness of it all means you want to look after the building that you want to keep it clean and tidy, I hope the students want to follow that too.  The grounds are still being worked on but I can see that once completed they will also be stunning, appealing to be around.
I do feel proud to be part of all this, although right now I am also overwhelmed.  I want to give this position 100%, I want to support my fellow colleagues and the students and I want to prove that I am worthy.

I am looking forward to the weekend but I know I wont have time to rest as I have a Uni paper due and I need to crack on with it.  Even more sleepless nights I fear!

So an update on my gym sessions:

Spin class Wednesday 22 August for an hour, Body Balance had to be cancelled due to car commitments.
Data from Forerunner 910xt as follows:

Time: 1:02:54
Calories: 429
Avg HR: 118 bpm
Max HR: 153 bpm 

Thursday 23 August was an hour Zumba
Calories: 420
Avg HR: 131 bpm
Max HR: 158 bpm

I tested the Forerunner footpod with a walk on 27 August and cycling with the cadence later the same day.

Tuesday 28 August was a spin class for an hour, led by a dreadful instructor, a class that I wont book again.
Calories: 460
Avg HR: 132 bpm
Max HR: 157 bpm

Friday was training with Mike and although I have a list of what we covered I just dont have the chance now to record but Garmin data:
Avg HR: 117 bpm
Max HR: 166 bpm

I have had a weekly goal of burning 1000 calories through exercise.
I have set up a new goal of 6000 calories over a month to see if that is achieveable.

Right I am off to calm down, eat, sleep and be ready for tomorrow.  Have a good evening!


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