Never enough hours….

So I am now in a tiny bit of a drop, a bit of down time as my TMA06 (which was my EMA proposal) has now been in and I have 6 weeks to complete my EMA.  For a split second I thought great I can relax, have a few long lay ins, bake cakes and watch rubbish DVD’s……..I then glanced down at my to do list and realised that I don’t have such a thing as down time.
Firstly as I cross one thing off the list, the list fairy comes along and adds another thing for me to do.  These appear to be jobs that can’t be fitted in when I am at work, being in a school means that I can’t really take time off when I want which means things that need doing pile up and wait for the school breaks.
Also, I am starting in a new school so the pressure is on, more as there are things I need to prepare for more so this August compared to last August.  My new school start has to be right and failure is not an option with that or my studies!
Don’t get me wrong, I like being busy but I also would like to be able to get up one day without the alarm and think, hmm what shall I do today, shall I bake some cakes/bread/biscuits or watch  DVD or spend the WHOLE day at the gym.  Sometimes I just feel that there is never enough hours in the day, or maybe I should try to clone myself so I can do everything!
So I will have a five minute celebration after submitting my TMA and I will check my reading list for my next course EA300 and have a cup of tea and get cracking again on my to-do list.

I do enjoy studying with the OU, I have said it many a time.  The problem is the excitement goes very quickly once a new course starts and there are times when I feel so overwhelmed with the TMA’s and the course materials.  I don’t think I am clever enough to get a degree but on the other hand I am willing to prove myself wrong.  Getting a degree would be one of the greatest achievements of my life, it would be up there with my first job in the investment industry (many years ago), starting work in a school and meeting a lovely man! I want to be the first person on my side of the family to have worked independently and got a degree, my mum and step dad as clever as they are never needed a degree so didn’t work towards one.  My brother, (there’s a story that I wont bore you with) if you could get a degree in how to smell like a fish then he would have got one, but he was never academic and would never even think about continuing education and so he didn’t.  To have my family see me graduate would mean the world, I just need to get to that point!  I need to pull my socks up for the EMA and again for EA300.  Once I have my BA (Hons) (fingers crossed) I would then to look at some smaller modules with the OU that would be of great interest and at some point may even work towards a second degree, life is all about improvement, you don’t stop learning once you leave school.

I had cancelled gym for Tuesday, I am gutted to cancel to be honest as I feel that I need it but thanks to my to do list I felt that I needed to get myself straight, as I have work meetings towards the end of the week.  However fingers crossed I am back in for Wednesday, after I have dropped a car off at a garage.  I am hoping the garage wont mess me about leaving me with no option but to cancel another class!

I am not a sentimental fool, I go through stages of hording things for the sake of it but then I have a massive clear out.  This week is clear out week, as I have mentioned there will be things going onto ebay but I have decided to also clear stuff for the charity shop, find a new purpose for things or chuck out completely.
A case in point was a lovely mug I was given as I left my old job saying ‘special teacher’ although I loved the mug I didn’t really like drinking out of it as I am a fussy old so and so and have a zillion mugs already but I wanted to keep it as a reminder.  Suddenly after searching around for a Sharpie in one of my pencil cases I decided that the mug will be my ‘sharpie mug’ and I will have a lovely selection up on the shelf above the PC in the mug.  I will gaze upon this mug when I am having a study crisis and I will hope it will remind me of why I am studying whilst completing a vital role by holding my lovely Sharpies.  The Sharpies came from Costco where they have a mega pack of 24 Sharpies plus 1 free in a range of lovely colours for £7.00 (Amazon have them for £11.93 link to amazon Sharpies).  As I love these pens that was an offer I could not resist and now I have new colours to put into my Sherpa ready for my new job as well as writing at home.

Anyway must go… to do list is calling!


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