Workout week

The week is panning out fairly well.
I missed gym last Tuesday due to a bad cramp in my left calf during the night that seemed to stay with me for most of the day.  I used Tuesday as my rest day and felt it wouldn’t do to go too mad.
I was back in Wednesday morning for spin my heart rate monitor is now working again and so I have the following data as a result.
Calories: 401
Heart rate avg 131 BPM
Max heart rate 191 BPM
This class and the previous one Monday were held by 2 of my favourite trainers and so I feel comfortable working out with them, they also know I haven’t been in for a while so they keep half an eye.

Thursday I came into the gym to complete a yoga class, much needed as I just don’t feel as supple as I used to and then I was back in for Zumba in the evening.  Not keen on the instructor for this Zumba class but she is different to the old instructor and does make you go for it.  I have no data for this class but I came away absolutely shattered.

I had booked Zumba for Friday morning but my University work plus other pressing tasks took me away from the gym and I had this as another rest day.

This week has started very well gym wise.  Today I had a PT session with Mike and the following was completed after a warm up.  Each exercise was times the first set as many as possible in 60 seconds and the second set over 90 seconds:
Kettle bell squats using 12kg kettle bell
Medicine ball slams with 4kg ball
Vipr lat shuffles wit 6kg Vipr
Down and ups
Squat and press with 4kg medicine ball
Vipr sag shuffles with 6kg Vipr
Shoulder press with 2kg each side
Shuttle runs
Medicine ball wall slams using 4kg ball
High step ups.
Quick stretch

Data shown as follows:

Avg HR: 101 bpm
Max HR: 160 bpm
Calories: 187

This session ended and I then completed an hours spin class (although I was very tired at the end)

Avg HR: 132 bpm
Max HR: 155 bpm
Calories: 244

The data today has been collated from a Garmin 910xt an early Christmas gift and a new toy (I am very lucky).  Check here fore more details This Garmin helps track training regardless of type of exercise and includes swimming.  It enables me to set fitness or training goals over a given time so as a test I have set a calories burnt goal and see how quick I can burn 1000 calories.  After the sessions today I am 43% into my goal.

I had to peel of my work out gear, it was soaked through.
Back in for Aqua tomorrow and will book up the classes later for the rest of the week.


3 thoughts on “Workout week”

  1. There's something odd with your blog when ever I open a link to a post, the post opens and then goes straight to the bottom of the page, I always have to scroll back to the top of the page to read the post…

    It could be to do with the layout you are using.

    Thought you should be aware.

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